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Allah Ta’ala’s presence

Allah Ta’ala’s presence

Allah is Wajibul Wajood meaning that his presence is necessary and disappearance impossible. Belief: There is nothing that is outside the knowledge of Allah. Whether it is present or not. Whether it is possible or impossible. Whether it is specific or global. He has been aware of everything, is aware of everything, and will always be aware of everything for infinity. Things change but his knowledge does not change. He is fully aware of our intention and what is in our heart. His knowledge has no end. Belief: Without Allah’s intention nothing can happen, however, he is happy when something good occurs and upset when something bad occurs. Belief: Allah has the power of all possible things. No possible thing is out of his power. Things which are impossible for Allah are not under his power. To believe power over the impossible for Allah is to reject Allah. Belief: Good and bad, Infidelity and faith, to obey and defy is all created by Allah. Belief: In real terms Allah is the deliverer of wealth. Angels are servants and interceders. Belief: There is nothing necessary for Allah, not to give reward or to pass on punishment or to favour upon, because he is the master without any restriction whatsoever. Whatever He wishes he can do, whatever He wishes he can order. If He rewards then it is his virtue, if He punishes then it is his fair judgement. Yes it is His graciousness that He will only order what a servant can do. He will of course give with His virtue paradise for Muslims and He will give from His judgement Hell to non-Muslims, because He has promised that except for Infidelity whatever Sin He wishes He will forgive and His promises or threats do not change. This is why punishment and reward will definitely occur. Belief: Allah is care free from the world. He does not gain any benefit or loss from it. Nor can it give Him benefit or loss. Whatever He does, there is no personal benefit or gain to Him. From creating the world there is no personal benefit to Him and if He had not created it there would have been no personal loss to Him. To show His virtue, judgement and qualities He created the creatures. Belief: In everything that Allah does there are a lot of reasons behind it whether we understand them or not. It is his reasoning that He has made one thing to be a cause for another thing. He made Fire to be the cause of heat. He made water to be the cause to cool something. He made the eye so that one could see, He made the ear so that one could hear. If he wished He could have made fire to cool, water to heat, eye to hear, ear to see. Belief: For Allah all faults and mistakes are impossible. Like to lie, illiteracy, mistake, cruelty, to be shameless, all sorts of faults are impossible for Allah. If someone believes that Allah can lie but does not lie, they are therefore believing that Allah has the power to make a mistake or fault but does not do so. Then it does not stop there one would have to believe that Allah can perform any sort of fault but does not do so, like to steal, perform adultery, be cruel, to give birth etc. etc. “Ta’ala Allaho An Zaalika Ulwan Kabeera” Allah is pure from all them sort of things. To believe Allah can perform faults but does not do so is to believe faults in Allah and therefore rejecting Allah as a Lord. May Allah protect us against having these sorts of belief.

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