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Bring these 6points in2 your life and surely you will see a new u

Fish is found with ALLAHs name


1. Belief

2. Worship

3. Knowledge

4. Respect

5. Intentions

6. Calling towards Allah


My dear respectd brothers & sisterz da sahabaz had many qualities in der lives 6 of which dey all had da 1st was firm belief in da kalimah. The meanin of da kalimah is dat der is no god bt ALLAH and Muhammed s.a.w is da last prophet. Da deeper meaning 2 dis kalimah is dat ALLAH can do anything and everything without da help of da creation bt da creation cannot do anything without ALLAH. The 2nd part of the kalimah means muhammed s.a.w is an example 4 us all and by following his ways we will surely find our
Path 2 heaven. So for a person 2 b on dis path we have 2 firstly believe in ALLAH + dat da prophet Muhammed s.a.w is da last of all prophets.

Once a person believs in ALLAH + his messenger den all his/her past sins will b 4given + dey will b like a new born baby.

So how can u bring da belief dat ALLAH is da true + 1 god, well u can start by lukin at ur self and da way in which ur body functions (take a luk at my pics+vids)

*2nd point*

Once a person believes in ALLAH den it becomes compulsary 4 him/her 2 pray + worship ALLAH. B4 prayin a muslim has 2 perform wuzu, dis involves washing certain parts of da body in order to b clean and ther4 worship ALLAH. Once wuzu is made muslims face mecca 2 pray which is da centre of da earth.

What do we get 4 worshiping ALLAH? Well 4 da person who prays 5times a day ALLAH has guarenteed him/her a place in heaven, not only dat bt ALLAH will also fill da persons life wid peace+
happiness. After a person worships ALLAH he/she may also pray+ make dua 4 anything they desire. Worshipin ALLAH ìs the key 2 heaven.

*3rd point*

The 3rd point is Knowledge. In order 4 a muslim 2 act according 2 his/her religion we must have da knowledge of what we can+ cannot do, what we can+ cannot eat etc. By acquiring knowledge we also eliminate certain groups who turn many people away frm der religion. Knowlege is very important if u know about ur religion den u will know wat 2 believe in and wat not 2 beiieve.

The rememberance of ALLAH also falls under this point. We shud try an remember our creator at all times after all he is da 1 dat provides 4 us.

*4th point*

The 4th point is all about showing respect 2 our elderz + having mercy on our youngsterz. We shud treat people as we wud like 2 b treated. Islam showz us dat we shud hav respect + luv 4 all human beingz.

*5th point*

Everything we do we shud do it 4 da sole purpose of pleasing ALLAH. If our intentions r good then our actions will hopefully b good. A person who gives a small amount of money 4 a good cause with da intention of pleasing ALLAH will recieve a large reward in the life hereafter by ALLAH, but a person who gives a large amount of money 4 name + fame even if it is for a good cause will not recieve any reward by ALLAH. Everything we do we should do 4 da sole purpose of pleasing ALLAH.

*6th point*

Approximatley 124,000 prophets came 2 dis world 2 spread da religion of ALLAH. When an area country or nation would turn away from da religion of god ALLAH would send a prophet 2 guide his people da last prophet was our prophet
Muhammed s.a.w. Now dat there are no more prophets 2 come it is our duty as a muslim 2 carry out da work of da prophets. Thats y we r da best of gods people because we call people towards good and warn dem of da bad.

I would like 2 finish da 6 points by saying dat all of da points mentioned should be found in a muslim as these r the qualities of a muslim. I hope u found dis info of benefit 2 u and i hope ALLAH opens many doors 4 u. Thank u 4 taking da time 2 read my 6 points*
* * * * *

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