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Islam, Is the fastest growing religion in the world. It is the true religion of Allah (god). Many people these days have bad views of Islam. They think, its all to do with terrorism. And Killing etc. When that isn\\\\´t the case. Islam means peace. Its a religion of peace. And those who follow it. Shall truelly be one day given a place in paradise.

If you follow Islam. You are known as a Muslim. Muslims belive in the books that were brought to earth before the islamic holy book called the quran.

The Quran. is the final book that got send down to earth by god. It is different from the other books, such as the torah, and the bible. The reason why it is different, is that it hasn\´t ever been changed. It has remained in its original form. Since it got revealed though the last propet on this earth known as Muhammad (pbuh).

We belive in all the other prophets the 1st one Adam, and the last on Muhammad, including Moses, Jesus etc phuh.

When the bible came to this earth, it was re written so many times by so many people. So how can it be gods word ? If its been changed so many times. So thats why god sent down the quran. the complete and final message.

To become a muslim, its simple. all you have to do, is say the declartion of faith in arabic, but in english it is : I belive that there is no god but Allah, and that his messenger muhammad pbuh, is the last and final messenger.

Thats all you have to say, you have to also belive in the hearafter, life after death, the day of judgement, the books of god, in the original format, ie torah, bible, quran. and all the prophets.

If you want to know more about islam. feel free to go to this really good website which I recommend, which is

Thanks for reading this, its my 1st attempt at a wap page, But i\´l be updating it.

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