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Writen by tariq


This topic about the m0vie"fitnah" its against islam.But why they give all document against islam?Why they give verses of quran with translation but n0t with explanati0n?First of all i want say that there are no single word in quran which against humenity.The authore of fitnah m0vie give translati0n many verses buT N0T GIVE EXPLANATI0N WHY TH0SE VErSE OF QURAN SAID TH0SE W0RDS.In fitnah m0vie it gave (surah number 8,verSE# 60)I WANT EXPLAIN THAT SURAH(PART) OF QURAN HAVE S0ME REAS0NES.Its t0tlly wr0nge as it given at fitnah.I want tel the st0ry of the surah#8 fr0m quran.

When pR0PHET MUHAMAD(S) c0me to madinah city fr0m makah,the MUSLIMS did agreement with n0nmuslims for peace.But n0nMUSLIMS br0k pr0mise and agreement and C0ME TO MADINAH FOR WAR.And during that the surah #8 was c0me.It said that, kill n0nMUSLIMS AND BEAT THEM AT NECK,CUt them etc.Its c0mmen in war.Is it?
So that surah r all aBOUt war of "bADAR" st0ry.So its misSC0NCEPTI0N BY TH0SE WH0M N0T KN0W ISLAM AS WEL.Its misSC0NCEPTI0N THAT ISLAM R TERR0RISM.
And in that m0vie it given videos abouT B0MBBLAST AND SAID AL WAS ISLAM REAS0N.In every where,every religi0n,in every country there are S0ME bAD PEOPLES,PEOPLES AGAINST HUMENITY,BY THEM WE CANN0T BLAME RELIgI0N.

In russia during war shechen,m0re then 22thousands muslims female was raped wh0m age was fr0m 9-80.They raped by sofiyat...And if we read hIST0RY.We found much terr0rism by n0nMUSLIMS AGAINS MUSLIMS,IS WE BLAME RELIgI0NS?N0,becouse nO RELIgI0N TEAch terr0rism.So brotherS AND sisterS,WHEN ANY ONE OF YOU WANT KN0W ISLAM, FIRST C0ME DEEP SEARCH OF ISLAM.And i do n0t blame any one except media.Becouse media are given bAD IMAGE OF ISLAM.BuT TO FIND WHAT IS REAL MESSAGE ISLAM,SEARCH Deep in islam.And th0se muslims wh0m do b0mb blast.I just want say aBOUt them,many are n0t f0ll0w pR0PHET TEACH,THEY MAYBE MUSLIM BY NAME.And islam never ordER TO KILl innocents peoples.Muslim are by faith,by deeds.N0t by name.Thank you all for read.

Fr0m(Tariq muhamad ashraf)
Wasalam alaikum

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