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Errors in bible

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In count,hw many fighting men f0und in israel?(eight hundred thousnds,/samuel,24:9) or ( one mili0n one thousnds)ch0nicles ,21:5)

h0w many men were f0und in judah?5hundred thousnd (samuel ,24:9) or 470thounds(ch0nicls,21:5)

how old was ahzaiah when he start rule over jerusalm? 22 (2 kings,:8:26) or 42 (2 chr0nicles:22:2)

h0w old was jehoiachin when he became king of jerusalem? 18 (2 kings 24:8) or 8 (2 chr0nicls 36:9)

how many pairS of clean animals did g0d tel n0ah to take into ark? 2(genesis 6:.19,20) or 7(genesis,7:2)

in what year of king Asa's reign did Baasha king of israel die?26 yearS(1 king 15:33 - 16:8) . or . stil alive 36yeas(2 chr0nicles:16:1)

when jesus(pbuh)1st meET sim0n peter and andrew? By the sea of galileE(mathew ,4:18-22) . or . 0n the bANK of river j0rdan(jh0n,1:42) after that ,jesus dECIDeD to go galileE(jh0n,1:43)

did jesus(pbuh)al0w hs disciples to keep a staff on their j0urney? Yes (mark,6:8) or n0 (mathew , 10:9. . .;luke,9:3)

did her0d think that jesus was jh0n pabtist? Yes,{(mathew,14:2)(mark:6:16)} . or . nO?(luke.9:9)

did jesus(pbuh) bear his own cr0ss? Yes(jh0n,19:17) . or . n0,(mathew,27:31-32)

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