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Multimedia gallery

What a cute puppy...

"Finally!! My parents finally let me get a puppy!" Jen told her friends excitedly. Jen had freckles across her nose and beautiful red hair.
She was only thirteen but already had larger breasts than even the older girls she knew. She had wanted a puppy for years but her parents wouldnt allow it.
Now, finally, they had changed their minds and she was very excited! They were to go to the animal shelter that morning and she was ready!
8:30 came and it was time to go, she, her mother and her father got into their car and set off for the shelter.
After what seemed like forever, they finally pulled into the shelter driveway. Jen quickly hopped from the car and ran to the shelter door,
flung it open and dashed inside. Her parents arrived a few moments later and told her to go sit while they spoke to the woman at the desk.
A few minutes had passed when the woman called her over and told her to follow her to the back. Jen glanced at the nameplate on the desk which read "Brooke"
and followed the woman. Brooke walked into a room filled with kennels and told Jen to take a look around. Jen looked at the various dogs and finally
Settled on a brown and white husky puppy. She liked his blue eyes. She told brooke who then led the dog to the front where her parents waited.
Jen watched her new puppy as her parents filled out some paperwork. They then signaled that it was time to go home and they left.
They arrived at home at around 7:00 and it was beginning to get dark. Since jen needed to get up early the next morning,
Her mother told her to turn in for the night. Brooke had suggested allowing the puppy (which had been named Coon)
to sleep on the bed with Jen for a few nights to establish a bond. Jen didnt mind this in the least.
She gently placed coon at the foot of the bed and then crawled under her own blankets. Within minutes, jen was asleep and breathing softly.
It was around 3:00 in the morn when she was awakened by coon's cold nose. He had crawled beneath her blankets and was now sniffing about.
She was still a bit drowsy when she felt him push his muzzle against her blue cotton panties, (she usually slept in panties and a tee shirt only)
Then, using his snout, he pushed the thin peice of fabric aside and began wildly licking her young, virgin pussy!
Jen quickly pushed him away, pulled him from beneath the covers and said, "bad dog! Bad!" she then laid back down
But couldnt sleep now, she had to admit that coon's tounge felt good and now her pussy had begun to twitch and had become very wet!
She laid there thinking, trying to decide whether or not to let him do it again. She was certain her parents wouldnt approve, but it felt soooo good!
She finally made her dicision and tossed her panties to the floor. She then leaned to coon and picked him up, placing him back
Beneath her blankets. After the scolding she had given him though, he didnt want to lick her!
This did not stop jen though, she grabbed his head and pushed his nose into her sopping pussy and praised him
saying, "good boy coon! Good boy! Thats my good puppy, lick me!" which he did. He licked her pussy lips up and down
which she then spread for him, he began licking her clit and then deep into her pussy. She moaned softly as he licked
and then put two fingers from fach hand into her pussy and spread her hole as wide as she could
Coon put his entire muzzle into her hole then and licked deep inside the young girl, hitting her g-spot
This gave her her first ever orgasm and she almost screamed out! She moaned "oh yesss, ooh, good dog, mmmh that feels goo00od! Ooohh god yeeeesss!"

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