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How 2 speak jamaican

>A< d ACKEE&saltfish wicked my yute!
(ackee&saltfish makes a nice cuisine)
>B< U kno se da boy deh a BUTOO
(did you know that fellow is an idiot)
>C< she CULU-CULU eeh man
(she is envious and not a good person)
>D< de DAWTA de roun and phat eeh!
(Wow! That young lady has nice shape,she is very sexy)
>E< mi ED a hat mi!
(my head hurts)
>F< you FAVA bud pickney!
(You have striking resemblance to a nestle)
>G< GALANG whey from mi!
(get away from me)
>H< mek mi ketch u an si if mi no HENG u!
(when I catch you I am going to hang you!)
>I< fram mi look pan u mi si IDIAT printout!
(just by your appearance I know you are an idiot)
>J< everybady dun kno seh u a JINNAL.
(everyone knows you are a con man)
>K< yu KINTEET tu much
(you smile too much)
>L< u tink a know a lang time mi kno sey u a LYAD!
(it´s a long time I knew you were a liar)
>M< ketch de MAMPI a bubble!
(look at that fat lady gyrating he waist)
>N< unno NYAM tu much!
(you all eat too much)
>O< lawd! Dem wuk OBEAH pon!
(lord! You have used witchcraft againts me)
>P< Da gal de hav a fat PUM-PUM man!
(that girl has a enticing vagina)
>Q< d shoes a QUINCE up mi toe
(the shoes is squeezing my toe)
>R< mi RAASCLAAT de gal box mi!
(expletive the girl slapped me in the face)
>S< bwoy how u 1 so SALT
(oh boy! You are so unlucky)
>T< mi likkle but mi TALAWA!
(I maybe small but I´m very usefull)
>U< UMBLE u self
(keep calm)
>V< mi get a VIJAN lastnine!
>V< mi get a VIJAN lastnine!
(I got a vision lastnite)
>W< how dem mango deh look so WINJY
(those mangoes look awful small)
>X< no bada cum XALT u self
>X< no bada cum XALT u self
(don´t talk as if you are better than me)
>Y< wha u de pon my YUTE?
(what are you up to friend)
>Z< yuh fava ZUTOO-PECK
(you relemble a very gross monster)

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