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< Galactic Timeline >

The Major events in the history of the Star Wars Universe.

The most crucial period in the history of the Jedi Order was between 32 B.B.Y (Before the Battle of Yavin) and 4 A.B.Y (After the Battle of Yavin).

25,000 B.B.Y.-Formation of the Galactic Republic and the creation of the Jedi Order

5000 B.B.Y.-Great Hyperspace War

4990 B.B.Y.-Fall of the Sith Empire

3996 B.B.Y.-The Great Sith War

3995 B.B.Y.-The Mandalorian Wars

3951 B.B.Y.-The Sith Civil War

2000 B.B.Y.-Rise of the New Sith

1000 B.B.Y.-The Battle of Ruusan

896 B.B.Y.-The Birth of Yoda

600 B.B.Y.-Birth of Jabba the Hutt

490 B.B.Y.-Corporate Sector Formed

350 B.B.Y.-Trade Federation established

200 B.B.Y.-Birth of Chewbacca

44 B.B.Y.-The Stark Hyperspace War

41 B.B.Y.-Birth of Anakin Skywalker

32 B.B.Y-Padmé Amidala elected Queen of Naboo

32 B.B.Y.-The Battle of Naboo

22 B.B.Y.-Rise of the Separatist Movement

22 B.B.Y.-The Battle of Geonosis

22 B.B.Y. to 19 B.B.Y.-The Clone Wars

19 B.B.Y.-Fall of the Old Republic,
Creation of the Galactic Empire

19 B.B.Y.-Birth of the Skywalker Twins

0 A.B.Y.-The Battle of Yavin

2 A.B.Y.-The Rebels build base on Hoth

3 A.B.Y.-The Battle of Hoth

3 A.B.Y.-Yoda trains Luke

4 A.B.Y.-Battle of Endor,
Death of Anakin Skywalker

4 A.B.Y.-Formation of the New Republic

8 A.B.Y.-Marriage of Leia Organa and Han Solo

9 A.B.Y.-Grand Admiral Thrawn crisis

10 A.B.Y.-Resurrection of Emperor Palpatine as a clone

11 A.B.Y.-Jedi Academy established on Yavin 4

25 A.B.Y.-Invasion of the Yuuzhan Vong

25 A.B.Y.-Death of Chewbacca

29 A.B.Y.-End of the Yuuzhan Vong War

35 A.B.Y. to 36 A.B.Y.-The Kilik Expansion

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