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< The Jedi Classes >

There are 3 main types of Jedi.The Guardians, Consulars and Sentinels.Selection of a Jedi's class takes place at the transition to Padawan.It must be noted however that the role of a Jedi was chosen by beliefs,capabilities and what role they wished to play in the universe.

Guardians focus on martial training and combat.They usually engage in combat more than any other Jedi Class.Like all Jedi,they are Keepers of the Peace,acting as a kind of special police force for the Republic.Notable guardians include-Mace Windu,Obi Wan Kenobi,Anakin Skywalker,Kyle Katarn,Anakin Solo.Old republic Guardians are loosely signified by Blue Lightsabers (with the exception of Mace Windu).

Consulars possess great knowledge of the Force but rarely enter combat.Consulars are the primary scholars and diplomats of the Order,often becoming instructors.
Qui-Gon,Yoda and Luke are examples of this type.Old Republic Consulars are loosely signified by Green Lightsabers.

Sentinels strike a balance between the other 2 types,as they possess admirable combat skills with some knowledge of the Force.They are most recognized to have extensive mechanical skills,excelling in computer skills,repairs,demolitions and security.The most famous of these are Bastila Shan,Zayne Carrick and Visas Marr.Old Republic Sentinels are loosely signified by Yellow Lightsabers.

In addition to the 3 basic Jedi types,there are also Healers,Investigators and Watchmen.

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