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< Lightsaber Types >

These are the different types of Lightsabers.Each of them has their own strength.

<Dual-Phase Lightsabers>
The uncommon Dual-Phase Lightsabers are any Lightsaber constructed to operate at different lengths.Darth Vader's Lightsaber is an example of this,as he has buttons on his hilt allowing him to change the blade length at will.

<Short Lightsabers/Light Daggers>
There are also variant Lightsabers with shorter handles and blades that can be wielded as offhand (weaker hand) secondary weapons.These are for Jedi who fights with Dual Lightsabers for the Combat style Jar'Kai.However,these are used as primary Lightsaber for smaller Jedis like Yoda and Yaddle.

<Dual-Bladed Lightsabers>
Also known as Saber Staffs,the Dual-Bladed Lightsabers are a unique variant in which the handle is three times the length of a standard Lightsaber and has two beam emitters;one at each end.The beams can be activated and deactivated independently,allowing much versatility.Notable Dual-Bladed Lightsaber users-Exar Kun,Darth Bandon,Bastila Shan and Darth Maul.

<Electrum Lightsabers>
The Electrum Lightsaber is a Lightsaber with a hilt forged from gold-like electrum.Only Jedi Council members are allowed to have an electrum covered Lightsabers.Notable wielders-Mace Windu,Darth Sidious.

<Fiber-Cord Lightsabers>
A pair of special type Lightsabers,known also as Link Sabers,have some sort of bond between the pair of Lightsabers,allowing for fierce Dual Saber attacks.Notable user-Asajj Ventress

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