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Multimedia gallery

The Clone Wars <Part I>

<The Clone Wars>
The Battle of Geonosis marked the first time in history that the Republic deployed an army,and it signalled the beginning of the Clone Wars.Although the Jedi and some Senators were concerned about the effectiveness of the untested soldiers and suspicious of their sudden availability,most Republic Loyalists were relieved to have a strong defense against the Separatists,and applauded Supreme Chancellor Palpatine's decision to utilize the Clone Troopers.The Clone Wars raged throughout the galaxy for over three standard years,with many interstellar battles between the Army of the Republic and the droid armies of the Confederacy of Independant Systems.Few representatives of the opposing factions lived to learn that the entire war was meticulously engineered by a Sith Lord.

<Jedi Generals>
Following the outbreak of the Clone Wars,Supreme Chancellor Palpatine calls upon the Jedi to not only defend Republic worlds but also to attack the Separatists armies.The Senate approves a decision to allow the Jedi to become generals in command of the Clone troops,but many Knights refuse to wage war in the name of the Republic and instead choose to abandon the Order.
Despite their extensive combat training,some of the Jedi generals have difficulty adjusting to their roles as millitary leaders with scores of Clone Troopers under their command. Fortunately,the Clones live up to the Kaminoans' promise to be immensely superior to droid soldiers,and help the Jedi win many decisive battles against the Separatists armies.
While droids remain the primary militia for the Separatists,Count Dooku also recruits two living beings to serve as his lieutenants: the ancient bounty hunter Durge and Force-sensitive Asajj Ventress,both whom are adept at killing Jedi.

<Battles and Campaigns>
On the Civil War on Jabiim,many Jedi and Padawans perished,and Obi-Wan is believed to be killed in action.Obi-Wan was found alive weeks later and he becomes obsessed with hunting Asajj Ventress and Durge.

On a mission to Dantooine,Mace Windu single-handedly destroys a huge seismic tank to defeat an army of Federation droids.

On the battlefront of Muunilinst,Obi-Wan battles Durge again,slaying him this time.

Escaping from Muunilinst,Anakin Skywalker chases Asajj Ventress to the jungle world of Yavin 4.The two crossed blades atop a vine-blanketed ziggurat.Filled with anger,Anakin knocks Ventress from the pyramid,and she vanished into the jungle below.The duel with Ventress leaves Anakin facially scarred.

On Hypori,General Grievous attack Republic forces and nearly killed Jedi Masters Ki-Adi-Mundi,K'Kruhk,Shaak Ti and Aayla Secura.A squad of ARC Troopers arrived before the Jedi could be slaughtered.
Grievous's appearance on Hypori stunned the Jedi Council,as they founded out that Grievous is well trained in Lightsaber combat.

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