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Multimedia gallery

< Passage To Alderaan >

<Mos Eisley>
After the victims are buried,Luke,Ben, and the droids proceed to Mos Eisley Spaceport, where they hope to find a pilot who will take them to Alderaan.Because Tatooine is so far from Imperial activity,Mos Eisley is a haven for smugglers, including the Corellian mercenary Han Solo.

<Hiring Han Solo>
Inside the Mos Eisley Cantina,Ben meets Han Solo and his wookie co-pilot, Chewbacca.The captain of the Millennium Falcon,Han Solo openly boasts the ship can outrun Imperial vessels.Luke bristles during the negotiations of Solo's fee to transport them to Alderaan,not knowing that Solo is as desperate for money as they are to leave Tatooine.
On a recent smuggling run,Solo dumped a spice shipment before Imperials boarded his ship.Although he avoided arrest,he now owes Jabba the Hutt for the lost spice.

<Jabba the Hutt>
While Chewbacca prepares the ship for launch,Solo finds himself at the wrong end of bounty hunter Greedo's blaster.According to Greedo,Jabba has placed a bounty on Solo's head,which he hopes to claim. Failing to notice Solo drawing his own blaster,a fatal blaster bolt puts paid to Greedo's plans.
After Greedo's demise,Jabba the Hutt and his henchmen surround Solo's vessel.The Hutt agrees to wait for the owed money plus an additional percentage,but threatens to reinstate the bounty if Solo fails to deliver.

<Fast Escape>
Following Solo's instructions,Luke,Ben,and the droids find the Millennium Falcon in Docking Bay 94. Unfortunately,the wanted droids are sighted by an Kubaz spy,who alerts his Imperial contacts.Stormtroopers respond quickly,but Solo and Chewbacca execute a hasty escape and launch the ship into space.Swiftly evading the Imperial blockade,the Falcon makes the jump to hyperspace.
As they travel to Alderaan,Ben introduces Luke to the ways of the Force and begins his Lightsaber training.
Suddenly,Ben feels a major disturbance in the Force,which leads him to believe "something terrible has happened."

<The Destruction of Alderaan>
On the Death Star,Leia is interrogated but resists revealing the location of the Rebels' base.In a diabolical move,Grand Moff Tarkin threatens to test the Death Star's superlaser on Alderaan.Realizing he is not bluffing,Leia tells him that the Rebels are on Dantooine (which is an abandoned Rebel base).Undeterred,Tarkin orders Admiral Motti to fire on Leia's homeworld.
Leia watches in horror as Alderaan is vaporized.

<''That's No Moon!''>
Ben's premonition borne out when the Millennium Falcon emerges from hyperspace,only to find the rocky remnants of the destroyed Alderaan.Sighting a lone Imperial TIE fighter,Solo guides the Falcon after it until the TIE approaches what appears to be a small moon.But as they draw closer,Ben realizes they are heading straight for an immense space station.Solo attempts to reverse course,but the starship is captured by a tractor beam and drawn into the Death Star.

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