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< "There Is Another..." >

<"There is Another...">
Since his encounter with Darth Vader at Cloud City,Luke has told no-one of the Dark Lord's claim to be his father.After liberating Han from Jabba's clutches,Luke returns to Dagobah to fulfill his promise to Yoda and complete his training.He is also determined to learn the truth about his heritage,and hope the Jedi Master can provide the answers.
In the meantime,the Rebel Alliance has regrouped to discuss how to destroy the Empire's most fearsome new weapon-the second Death Star.From the secret information attained by the Rebel spies,a plan is formulated to destroy the Death Star II.But the Rebels are unaware that their every move has been manipulated by Palpatine himself.

<Yoda's Twilight>
After many centuries,age has finally caught up with the Jedi Master Yoda.He tells Luke that his training is complete,but that he will not become a Jedi until he confronts Darth Vader.Before he expires,Yoda reveals that Vader is indeed Luke's father,and that "there is another Skywalker..."

<Ben's Revelation>
Feeling uncertain of himself after Yoda's passing,Luke is surprised to be visited yet again by the spirit of Obi-Wan.Because Ben believes that Anakin Skywalker was effectively destroyed when he became Darth Vader,he maintains that he was being truthful-from a certain point of view-when he told Luke that Vader killed his father.Although Luke believes there is still good in Vader,Ben is convinced that he is completely evil.However,he echoes Yoda's words that Luke must face Vader again.Asked to explain Yoda's mention of "another Skywalker," Ben reveals the existence of Luke's twin sister,and Luke instantly realizes that his sibling must be Leia.

<Rebel Leaders>
A founder of the Alliance to Restore the Republic-the official title of Rebel Alliance-Mon Mothma is now its Commander-in-chief.At the Sullust system,Mon Mothma,Admiral Ackbar,and General Crix Madine meet with allies to disclose the information gathered by their spies.According to the intelligence,a new Death Star is being constructed in the Endor system,but its weapon systems are not yet operational.More importantly,the Emperor himself is overseeing the final construction.Using this information,the Rebels plan to attack and destroy the Empire's unfinished battle station,along with the Emperor himself.

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