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< The New Republic >

<The New Republic>
Within days of its victory at the Battle of Endor,the Rebel Alliance officially becomes the Alliance of Free Planets.A few weeks later,Mon Mothma formally issues the Declaration of a New Republic,which is signed by Mon Mothma,Leia Organa,Borsk Fey'Lya of Kothlis,Admiral Ackbar,and representives from Corellia,Kashyyyk,Sullust,and Elom.
The eight signatories form the New Republic Provisional Council,and work together to win over hundreds of planets through diplomacy.Two and a half years late,the New Republic launches a series of attacks to capture the city planet Coruscant,and the Empire's political and military power becomes fragmented across the galaxy.

<Coruscant Reclaimed>
On Coruscant,the former Imperial Palace becomes the seat of government for the New Republic.Princess Leia Organa believes that the new headquarters will serve as an affirmation of the New Republic's ideals and a final victory over the Empire.

<Han and Leia's marriage>
Four years after the formation of the New Republic,a jealous Han Solo kidnaps Princess Leia when she receives a marriage proposal from Prince Isolder of the powerful Hapes Consortium.Drawn closer during the events that ensue,Leia and Han return to Coruscant and marry.
A year later,Leia Organa Solo gives birth to twins-a girl and a boy,Jaina and Jacen-who will join a new generation of Jedi Knights.

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