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Multimedia gallery

< The Thrawn Crisis >

<Grand Admiral Thrawn>
Despite the Empire's anti-alien policies,a Chiss named Mitth 'raw' nuruodo demonstrated such impressive tactical skills that the Emperor approved his formal Imperial military training.He then became known by the shortened name of Thrawn,and eventually achieved the rank of Grand Admiral.Shortly before the Battle of Hoth,a successful collaboration with Darth Vader led Thrawn being rewarded with the authority to call upon the services of the Dark Lord's private assassins,the Noghri death commandos.
After the death of the Emperor,Thrawn refuses to recognize the New Republic.Reorganizing the remnants of the Imperial fleet,Thrawn launches a campaign of terror to reclaim the galaxy for the Empire.

<Joruus C'Baoth>
Five years after Palpatine's death,Thrawn seeks the Emperor's hidden storehouse of secret technology on the planet Wayland.Thrawn and his loyal officer Captain Pellaeon are attack by the clone of a deceased Jedi Master,Joruus C'Baoth,but are protected by their Force-repelling ysalamiri creatures.Thrawn offers to abduct and deliver two Jedi apprentice-Luke and Leia-in return for C'Baoth's assistance and access to the storehouse.

<Striking the Sluis Sector>
In a scheme to steal starships and expand the dwindling Imperial fleet,Thrawn orchestrates a simultaneous assault on three planets in the Sluis Sector,then stages a suprise attack at Sluis Van Shipyards.Beaten by Han Solo and Lando Calrissian,Thrawn flees without any additional ships.

<The Noghri switch sides>
After the Noghri warriors found out that they've been deceived by the Empire into helping them,they secretly abandoned their assignments and returned to their homeworld of Honoghr.Some Noghris attempt to sabotage the Empire's aims.

<The Fall of Thrawn>
While C'Baoth attempts to use an evil clone of Luke to draw Luke and Leia to the dark side,Thrawn prepares a trap for the New Republic at the shipyards on Bilbringi. Fortunately,Palpatine's former assassin, Mara Jade,slays Luke's clone and C'Baoth.While Thrawn's Noghri bodyguard-determined to avenge his people's betrayal by the Empire-fatally stabs his master through the heart.
After Thrawn's death,Captain Pellaeon took command of the beleaguered Imperial fleet,and realizing that he had no hope of winning the battle with the New Republic,he orders a full retreat,to live and fight again another day.

Thrawn had captured an astonishing amount of territory,nearly doubling the size of the Empire,but it had been held together by his authority alone.After Thrawn's death,and without a similarly charismatic leader,the union would splinter yet again.The Empire again reverted to warlordism and the New Republic began recapturing its lost territory,planet by planet.

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