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f. play naked



What happend to ur mobile phone? I was trying 2 call u but i got this msg"welcome to the jungle network, the monkey ur trying to call is in the tree please try again later"

A train is about to crash. A frantic virgin strips off and says:"Can anyone make me feel like a woman before i die?!" so a man takes off his clothes and say" iron these clothes!"

This cat is a cat good cat way cat to cat keep cat a cat idiot cat busy cat for 20 cat seconds cat! NOW READ IT WITHOUT SAYING CAT!

Santa's girl friend said to santa"On our special day would you give me a ring?" And santa said "sure why not just give me your phone number so that i can give you that ring!"

When i open my eyes every morning i pray to god that everyone should have a friend like you........ I mean why should i suffer alone!!

-Whats wrong with ur phone? Iv tryd to call you for a long time now but the operator keeps on saying "The person you trying to call is a monkey please contact the zoo"

--Winnter comes again nd again, summer comes again nd again,spring comes again nd again. but people lyk u never comes again nd again becoz god doesnt make mistakes again nd again

-- there is a place where i miss u, where seeing every face i feel lyk its u,where every voice remindz me of u, we call that place a zoo!

--if ever in ur life u feel sad nd lonely, nd feel that u have lost everythng, i'l come hold ur hand nd take u 4 a walk nd show u the bridge where 2 jump from

--u done the most important things 2 start a day? 1st pray so that u can live, 2nd take a bath so other people can live!

-- i want u 2 knw that u are very important 2 me its imposible 4 me 2 live without u even 4 a sec.., ur my life and i can feel u every where. DONT MIND THAT I WAS TALKING ABOUT THE OXYGEN

When u were born god said to mankind "No refund or exchange available"

--do u want a nokia 6600 absolutely free, with free sim card, free airtime(R10 00)? just simply log on to www.stop dreaming u

-- our friendship means so much 2 me u lough i also lough u cry i cray u fall i lough nd we both lough u jump out the window nd i look down nd lough again

-- when ur world is spinning round nd round and ur heart is beating fast do u think that is love? NO! thats high blood pr....

-- kulani got a problem with dailng 911 on his phone, he can dail 9 but he cant find 11

-- when u were a child u played with toys, but now that ur a lady u play with boyz!

--10 00 People are having sex,5000 people are in church, 200 00 people are having fun, but one stupid fool is reading my jokes!

-- i saw somthng cute,sexy,adorable, breath takng, on the shop window i was suppose to buy that thing 4 u till i realisd it was my own reflection

-- there can be no beatiful if therz no ugly, if there is no ugly u couldnt see the diffrnt between a monkey nd a black since ur ugly the world needz u

--jesus says to john come forth il give u enternal life. and john came firfth and he won a toaster

-- the world's thinest book has only one page nd the page is writen NOTHNG and the title of the book is WHAT DOES MEN KNW ABOUT WOMAN.

-- the rain makes all things beautiful, the grasses nd the flowers... so if the rain makes things beautifull why doesnt it rain on u

-- a girl phoned me the other day nd said "come on over ther's nobody home!" i went over nd nobody was home

-- girls ar like phones. we like 2 be held and answerd. but if u press a wrong button ul be disconnected

-- hi im dying 2 see u,i want 2 talk 2 u seriosly, iv got sweets and some bananas 4 u. but i cant get 2 u becoz this stupid security is asking me 4 a ticket 2 enter the zoo

We will now upgrade your brain.......please wait.......searching.......still searching........SORRY NO BRAIN FOUND

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