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Be Smart Become Slimmer

There are umpteen number of ways to make slimming a fun thing to do. In fact, there are very few who would like to 'diet' and abstain from enjoying their favourite foods! Our tips here introduce you some easy-to-adopt habits which could, in the long run, help you become aware of food intake and eating style. So here goes:

When you reach out for that glass of juice, mix half of it with water. That cuts up to 85 calories per glass and could help you lose up to 1-2 kilos or more per year.

While at home and you are in a mood for a talkathon with a friend, just don't lounge on the sofa with the phone stuck into your shoulder. Get up, pick up the cordless and talk while you work...clear up the desk, dust, fold and put away clothes, work out, use the stationary bike..whatever!

This one... will appeal to all teens! According to researchers, chewing sugar free gum all day increases your metabolism by 20 percent. Say the experts that it could help one lose up to 5 kilos or more per year! Well, there is no recorded proof but then there is no harm in trying it out! It will definitely tone up the facial muscles.

When in a group and the idea is to assuage the hunger pangs at the fast food joint, insist on paying cash for what you consume. Each pays for self. The idea of 'free lunch' gets the boot and as the wallet feels the burden of spending on empty calories, the subsequent binge will be given a good second thought.

Aha. This one is real calorie saver. For every candy bar or chocolate slab you demolish, read the wrapper first. The facts given about the number of servings is sometimes misleading. Eventually, you just might end up having more calories than you expected.

Are you a morning walk freak? Have a cup of green tea before you walk. The content of caffeine in that frees the fatty acids. The possibility of burning the fat more easily increases as the polyphenols (antioxidant compounds) in green tea appear to work with caffeine to increase calorie burn.

It is very simple to reach out for those easy diet shakes whenever the hunger pangs strike. But it is not really something that helps you lose weight. Ditch them and have a glass of diluted juice instead.

In the kitchen, use olive oil instead of butter whenever possible. It helps in the long run.

Dieters love salads but make sure yours has a vinegar dressing and not a rich oily one. The salad otherwise loses its purpose of being 'diet' food!

Always keep within reach big bottles of water. If one is habituated to finishing off half a litre, once that bottle is replaced with a litre bottle then rest assured that the litre would be completed. Water improves the rate of metabolism and the body functions well when hydrated so well.

Another trick to quell those cravings is to pop into your mouth a menthol drop. Suck on it slowly and it is known to stop cravings instantly! Worth a try!

Some research on chillies shows that food without chillies is less filling than food with chillies. The feeling of fullness after eating peppers stays longer. In fact adding some red pepper to your morning omelet will ensure that the midmorning hunger pangs do not get a chance to strike.

Another trick to cut the edge off a ravenous appetite is to have a milky drink of low fat milk. As it contains carbohydrates, the feeling of fullness comes almost immediately and one is then inclined to eat less than usual.

This one comes as an eye opener! Experts from research kitchens have revealed that chopping salads instead of shredding or slicing is a better bet for slimmers. The explanation is that more chewing leads to lesser eating during the main course. That is the idea, isn't it?

If you are looking for a consoling friend in food, don't! When loneliness strikes, talk to a friend...not reach out for the cookie jar! If you must, take a cookie, smell it, pinch off a small crumb and put it on the tip of the tongue. That's enough to give one the flavour and the craving stops in many cases.

Becoming accountable for the calorie input helps. Write down what you eat. There is no need to review, but just the benefit of writing helps.

It might be irritating to see someone fidget. Did you know that it can help you burn up to 700 calories a day? Well, this does mean it is beneficial for those on a 'thinning' spree to fidget.

Watch TV. But do not become a couch potato. Remember, whenever there is an advertisement break it does not mean that you clean out the refrigerator!

This might be quite a task but getting rid of remotes can help burn up to 200 calories a day. For some it is a boon!

The fundamental rule is to go for economy packs in order to save money. But remember for those who are trying to lose weight it is much better to buy small packs...of chips and candy bars and ice creams and whatever is calorie laden!

In the kitchen, ensure that measured portions are cooked. Leftovers lead to unnecessary wastage and the temptation to wipe off yesterday's lasagne is always there.

Go ahead and have that pizza. But before you bite in dab a napkin on the pizza to blot out the extra oil.

Have a chunky soup. It gives a better feeling of fullness than the soup made with the same ingredients but pureed.

Try to include fish like salmon in the diet. As it is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, it helps one to drop kilos by improving fat metabolism.

Indulge in a bit of self-talk. Tell yourself: "Nothing tastes as good as thin feels". If need be put up posters or quotations to act as reminders.

Make a beeline for the local library or museum. Many of these places do not permit food or drinks-a fact that makes them even more appetizing for dieters desperate to push food out of sight and mind. And leave your money at home. That way you will not be tempted by the sinful snack bar on your way out or a fast-food joint on your way home.

Never shop when hungry. You will not only end up savouring the savouries which are unwanted calories and you will also buy foods that are comforting.

In the kitchen, invest in an oil spraying can. It helps to use lesser oil and of course cut down on calories. Spraying oil instead of using spoons benefits those on a low fat diet.

Clean out your drawers. Weeding through your 'fat' and 'thin' clothes is a perfect incentive for sticking to your diet. But before you go tossing out your comfortable clothes, remember we all have bad days-those 'big' clothes can come in handy.

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