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Oh more ranting

The Stupidity of Blaming computer games

I dont ken if ye read things in papers about grand theft auto but it is so injustified. For starters most of the papers ive seen have said there are 4 gta games as far as i can tell , gta , gta london , gta II , gta III and gta vice city seems to equal 5. There are 2 major cases against the scottish company that make the games the first is about 2 american brothers aged 16 and 14 who shot dead a man and injured a lass. The victims families are the people who are sueing . Is it just me or is this madness , pychologists are saying that the boys are at an age when fiction and reality are hard to tell apart....WHAT THE F... at 14 i kent what i was doing and kent games were just games ( how did i survive hide and seek ) . If ye ask me there are a number of crucial factors here , 1st the game is an 18 rated game so surely the parents of the boys or the place where they bought it is breaking the law and also how did these boys have access to a deadly weapon then if GAMES are deemed dangerous.The people who pulled the trigger are responsible for their own actions. If i kick a football onto a motorway and it cause an accident does this mean i can say i was influenced by fifa and didnt realise what i was doing was dangerous. The next case is to do wi angry haitain people because in the game ye shoot some of them , ye dont see people sue film companys that make war films ´ in yer film ye shot a person of my nationality , thats discrimanation im sueing ye ´, or maybe we can sue Holland for beating Scotland 6 nil on the basis that it was unfair , they picked on Rab Douglas , it caused me emotional damage seeing my country get beat so badly. Its dodgy it really is.

Now manhunt has been or is going to be banned due to the fact soem kid killed a guy wi a hammer and he owned the game, the game gets blamed. This is the most stupid thing i've ever heard , surely if someone dies due to a " hammer" it is more likly that a DIY programme influenced them. What if someone bludgeons a guy to death wi a "wok" does Jamie Oliver get blamed?

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