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*JEZEBEL*: The Weapons Arsenal of Jezebel

1) THE TONGUE OF JEZEBEL : That seductive tongue that seduces you into compromise. (Constantine 313 AD)Gets your guard down. The perverted tongue that always makes use of half-truth to convince you of it's bona fides.The spirit of perversion will always pervert the truth no matter what you say. Jesus kept quiet to the spirit of perversion. They will take what you say and pervert it, which is followed by rejection. They will take a half truth and totally convince a crowd.
They will try to continually draw private, personal information out of you, and later use it against you. They WANT to pervert the truth. They get you to confess sin in your life in case you turn against the firtinity. They use it against you and turns you right in the hands of Jezebel.
**The practise of confession in chamber started with Baälworship, to get you to confess sin in your life in case you turn against the firtinity. They use it against you and turns you right in the hands of Jesebel.
They have the ability to twist the truth. A very dictatorial person. (The Catholic prayer the Hail Mary). They have the scatching tongue that strips you of your dignity before men. It is the fear of rejection, that gives the Jezebel Spirit the power to enslave.
If a parent rejects a child, it opens the door for the spirit of Jezebel. THE WAY TO TAKE AUTHORITY OVER THE TONGUE OF JEZEBEL IS THROUGH SILENCE. (The responses of Jesus at His trial) Keep quiet, dont answer or talk. They HATE silence. That spirit does not need an answer from you. When you attack or challenge such a person you will doubt everything you said when you walk out of there. They will often walk away smelling like roses.
They deflect the attack by creating doubt, making continual use of half-truths, and to scapegoat others. They always blame others. CHALLENGING THE VEIL is not something to be taken lightly. The challenge must be made with adequate proof, and witnesses if possible.
3)THE CHAINS: The power a Jezebel to hold people in his/her control is fear of rejection. ("if you dont do that you are out"). Jezebel has the capacity to cause total havoc in the lives of the people around itself. They have the ability to manipulate the environment. For those with spiritual eyes, it is a frightening spectacle to see Jezebel unleash her power. To discern a Jezebel look at the people around them, especially family. You will see people that are hurting inside. They are hesitant and afraid of making a mistake. They question themselves, and wonder what did they do wrong.
They doubt themselves, and they are not quite getting it right. People are very weary who is next. They don't trust each other, and readily criticize each other's failings. The Jezebel personality however is seen as strong and is indispensable for the continued survival of the group.
The spirit continually re-affirms their own inadequacies, she keeps telling you how inadequite you are, and simultaneously endorses the exceptional standards of the Jezebel personality. KEEPING AWAY FROM CHAINS is not as simple as it looks. Even in councelling the spirit will try and draw personal and confidential information about yourself. They often walk away from the councelor's challenge "smelling like roses".
4)THE POISON: This is the toxin of SHAME. It is a slow working poison that immobilizes the victim. The Holy Spirit convicts us of sin, righteousness and judgment. The key word is "convicts". The intention is to bring a person to the point of repentance at the cross, to accept salvation, and to move on into the Kingdom. We all have to proccess our sin, and this is where Jezebel steps in.
Jezebel condemns us for our sin, tells us we are unrighteous, and that our God is cruel and ruthless with His judgment. (The pagan notion of God)
RESULT OF TOXIN: The final result is a condition that is caught up in shame. It immobilizes the victim. There is a slow, gradual spiritual decline, no spiritual growth. It opens the door to the Ahab spirit. They become despondent, they just go along. The life, drive is gone. No character. They agree, but dont do anything about it.
The toxin of shame leads to TEMPER TANTREMS, EXAGGERATION, MELODRAMATIC IN CONVERSATION, OVERDRAMATIZE EVERYTHING, EXTREMELY TOUCHY. The obvious lack of ability to apply even the most basic wisdom in all situations. It leads to the spirit of infirmity and serious illnesses.There is also the feigning of illness for sympathy. They will very easily perceive injury to themselves out of anger. When they end up having to go to hospital they draw the story out and overempasize. This often leads to further rejection and loneliness. They end up living very lonely lives. (Ahab spirit - family worship (mafia))

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