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jesusloveschildren - Newest pictures

*JEZEBEL effects on Children


*Parents controlled by Jezebel have no respect for egoboundaries. They are rude. They see their children as an extension of themselves. They will enter their children's room without knocking. They erode and destroy covenant ground in their children's marraiges.
*The child fears it's parent, because discipline is never consistent. The extent of the punishment does not have bearing on the misbehaviour of the child, but rather on the mood of the parent. *The child grows up in an environment of STRESS, INSECURITY, FRUSTRATION AND FEAR.
*This always leads to resentment. We analyze each of the above in the home of a Jezebel father.
1) STRESS: Conditional love is the basic rule. "if you please me, i will love you." How do you please a parent bound up in Jezebel? You cannot. This promised love is the carrot in front of the donkey. The parent believes that he can never please God, so you will never be allowed to please him. Likewise the child gets the indirect message that God is like that too.
They believe you can never please GOD because His is conditional. And so the sins of the fathers are passed on to the next generation. The child is fooled by his father's veil of perfection, and tries to come up to his awesome standard. He soon realizes it to be impossible so he too begins to build a veil of perfection.
Life for the child is extremely stressful. The father will play one child's success off against another child's failure. Horse trading his conditional love. The children live under tremendous stress. This stress is always obvious to an outside person.
2)INSECURITY: Conditional love is not love!!
The child grows up in a loveless environment, although in it's mind it was his fault that he was never good enough to receive it. This lack of love is most evident in the father's total lack of empathy. He is incapable of relating to the pain of his child.
The child always develops problems in the area of intimacy and this opens the door for a spirit of sexual deviation. (promiscuity, infidelity, homosexuality.) The child's perception of intimacy is that it is stressful and painful.
The child grows up to be afraid of commitment, or embraces commitment with the idea that your wife must be "controlle". Their marraige will either be a repeat of their father's marraige, or it will end in divorce. In the case of a divorce, the adult may well end up never marrying again, but merely wander through numerous failed sexual relationships.
3)FRUSTRATION: The most tormenting frustration, will come fr6 the way the father will twist all that the child will say, and give it another meaning. The spirit of perversion. It always results in the child leaving feeling ashamed and immensely frustrated.
An approach for advice from the father, is always turned into a reprimand for the presense of the failing. The child learns to conceal his sin before man, and eventually before God too.
This frustration often gives licence to a spirit of rebellion or Ahab, entering a child.
4)FEAR:The greatest hold that the father has over his children ir the threat of him rejecting them. It is seen as a rejection in shame, because they believe in their father's veil of perfection. If he is not wrong, then they are wrong by default.
The child does not see the contradiction that this threat of rejection, is in fact an indictment of their father's veil of perfection. This inability to see that rejection and love cannot exist side by side, opens the door for Jezebel in their own lifes.
This is exactly the lie that Jezebel gets away with in the adult soul. That Jesus Christ's death is in fact not enough to placate Almighty God, when he comes face to face with their sin on the day of judgment. They will live their lives in terror of God's wrath, always seeking some deeper way of escaping judgment. They cannot understand that God cannot reject us, we choose to reject God.

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