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leviathan - Newest pictures Comics/Fantasy/Anime


PSALM 124:6-8, PSALM 125:3, IS. 27:1, PSALM 74:1

When a person has severe problems with Bible study, concentration on spiritual goals, restrictions and bondages which hinder worship or the move of the Holy Spirit we check to see that Leviathan is not responsible.
Leviathan is responsible for stopping revival movements and has been responsible for blocking the ministry of deliverance. When Leviathan manifests there is a serpentine twisting and winding of the person's head, body and limbs. There are often pains and stiffness in the neck and shoulder region.
JOB 41
v1. Leviathan is not easily trapped. He is determined to resist expulsion.
v2. He is so cunning that he cant be baited or snared. He will often manifest with twisting and winding of the person's body and limbs.
v3. He will not ask for help or kindness - he blocks deliverance in God's people and comes against those who minister deliverance with his words. He has tongue problems, critical and aggressive. He destroys with his words.
v3,14. Because he is so bound up with pride, he cannot really praise God, he is too important, wrapped up hn himself to give any real praise and worship to God. (the person bound by Leviathan will be like that)
v4. He will not serve, he wants to dominate, you can't tame him. v5
v6. He is not sought after (people are afraid of him - intimidation) v9
v7. He cannot be caught with our own strength. - "THE LORD REBUKE YOU"
v15. He is stiff-necked and stubborn, professing to köw it all. He is encased in pride, you cannot reach him.
v16. No light can come in, rebellious pride often hides and keeps people from receiving the things of God and of the Spirit. Leviathan can hide himself - he twists, writhes and slips away. In ministry you can be deceived to believe he has left as he hides.
v19. Fire comes out of his mouth like a dragon.
v22. The person will present with pains and stiffness in the neck and shoulder region. Unteachable.
v24. Hard/cold hearted - restless and in turmoil, lack of sleep at night, boiling inside.
v25-29. No weapon appears to reach him. - PERSIST with deliverance! Even his belly is guarded, he rolls on his victim and tries to swallow them whole eventually. v30
v31. There is a lot of strife, anger and upheaval around these people.
v34. We are eagles, mighty beasts of prey, although he is fearless of us, HE MUST BOW TO ALMIGHTY GOD.
PRIDE: Pride is having an opinion of oneself, exaggerated self esteem, conceit, haughty behaviour, arrogance, delight or satisfaction in one's own or another's achievements. God hates this! The spirit of Leviathan which causes spiritual deafness and blindness can also cause us to become tongue-tied. (Counterfeit prayers, born-again experience, false tongues etc.)
Is. 27:1 - Israel slumbers, God will deliver.
Rev. 12:9 - Cast out.
Lev. 26:19 - break the pride of your power
Job 33:17 - God conceals pride from man
Ps. 73:1-6 - Pride results from prosperity (danger of the prosperity message)
Prov. 29:23 - pride brings a man low
Prov. 13:10 - pride comes with contention
Prov. 11:2 - after pride comes shame.
Pride is rooted in rejection and rebellion. We react with perfectionism. As we become perfect to achieve carnal goals. (having things just as we want them) we begin to puff up with pride. Vanity then follows.
Pride sometimes hides under a false humility. Self awareness leads to intolerance of others because they are not as perfect as we are. The critical spirit then enters. A perfectionist is a miserable person because he is always aware of his personal flaws and problems. Often he will project his problems onto others.
Prov. 13:10 - pride comes with contention - a product of pride is strife, anger and aggression. He doesnt trust anybody, he battles to even trust God. He questions God, "why dont you answer my prayer?"
Self will comes in and becomes the source of authority. Self deception then deceives and misleads a person in his personal life. Self seduction tempts and misleads into evil and wrong doings. The afflicted one becomes unteachable, judgmental and usually seeks to control others with an attitude of possessiveness.

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