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wat. spirits - Newest pictures


WE MUST GET KNOWLEDGE CONCERNING THESE SPIRITS-there are certain ways in which they attack persons, families, cities, countries etc.
1) HEAVENLIES and galaxies
2) ON EARTH (mountains and hills) Ezekiel prophesied to them and this proves that there are demonic powerbases on the mountains. Elijah had to win the battle on Mount Carmel.
Deut. 5:8 - No IMAGE to be MADE that is in the heavens, in the earth, or in the waters under the earth.
Revelation teaches us about activities in the waters. Jezebel is a water spirit. She was the daughter of a priest of Ashtoreth (Astarte) - a water spirit.
The image of Ashtoreth - the top is a human body and the bottom is a fish. (Dagon). MERMAID: This is the spirit that also killed Samson. The five lords of the Philistines worshipped Dagon - half fish - half man.
* Sprinkling of "holy waters" (Catholics). Infant baptism - Catholics, Greek orthodox, Old and New Apostolic, NGK
* Zionists use a lot of "holy water" and the whole congregation is controlled by water spirits. Barren women get given "holy water" to drink and nearly every first born after drinking that water dies.
* Sacrificing to the water spirits - may cause that many never marry or are barren forever. Ex. 1:22 a good example how the king of Egypt made offerings to the Nile god.
* Water births
* Fetish priests, inyanga-herbalist, witchdoctors, sangomas take young girls to the river and marry them to water spirits. Queen of the sea/Coast, Mammy water-Ivory Coast. They become prostitutes and lesbians.
* Religious purification rituals - washing hands and body.
* Near-drowning experiences
* Most Catholic cathedrals are built on fountains to be connected to water spirits
* Water divination and water witching
* Dreams - dreaming frequently of water / swimming / drowning etc. can be a sign of water spirits.
EXAMPLES OF WATER SPIRIT RITUALS: 1) IVORY COAST - They throw new-born babies into the sea. Three days later they return. If the baby is alive it is a gift from the gods of the sea filled with water spirits for a special destiny. If the baby dies it is a sacrifice to appease the gods. 2)Lesotho - New born baby is taken into the rain for "cleansing". 3)If the totem of a tribe is water spirits, they take the umbilical cord and place it into the waters to "tie" the baby to water spirits.
ATTRIBUTES OF THE QUEEN OF THE SEA: The queen of the sea is supposf to be beautiful and perfect. She gives promises to young girls to be beautiful and rich and have many men. If she does marry she is either barren or has miscarraige upon miscarraige. She becomes a prostitute and cannot be faithful to one man. Sexual relationships occur demonically with the queen of the sea.
RAIN GODDESS: She reigns over the Sotho people. They are a farming community and they try to appease her for good rain and crops.
BABYLON: ENKI - he ruled over fresh water. ISHKUR - rain storms. APSU - (ABYSS) - Underground fresh watersg TIAMAT - Salt waters of the sea.
GOD HAS DESIGNED A WAY TO DO WARFARE AGAINST THESE SPIRITS. Ex. 2:5 - The daughter of Pharaoh takes a bath in the river Nile. Ex. 7:15 - Pharaoh will be at the river early in the morning. You dont visit the king in his bathroom! Pharaoh was doing more than bathing in the river Nile! Ex. 8:2- Rise early in the morning and stand before Pharaoh as he comes forth from the water. Pharaoh was worshiping water spirits. He also sacrificed the babies of the Israelites to the Nile gods.

NB: EZEK. 29:2-3 - IS PROPHETIC ACTION AGAINST PHARAOH. Many kings and rulers are controlled by water spirits. In Daniel 7 the beast that comes up out of the waters speaks of four kingdoms: Babylon, Persia, Rome, Greece. - They were all controlled by water spirits. Ex. 7:17 is DEALING WITH WATER SPIRITS.
Every plague that came against Egypt was God's way of dealing with their gods (various stages of demonic powers) - they had to be dealt with first because they controlled the Israelites. Once they were conquered, the people were set free and left Egypt. Rev. 13:1 - The beast comes up out of the sea. The water spirits controls the 666 and they will be released to give out this number in the last days.
DANIEL: Daniel had to win his battle by defeating water spirits. He prayed in the palace of the king three times a day. He prayed in the head office of the government three times per day - nothing happened. He prayed in the lions den the whole night. He cried to God: " Lord, i want to know". Then he went to the river Tigris (Dan. 10:4) and realised that the matter had to be settled there. (Chapter 8) He started praying. He hit where it mattered. Then there was a breakthrough - Gabriel brought the message with the help of Michael.
Mark 4:35-41 (Num 30 + 31) The country of the Gadarenes - was indwelt by the tribe of Rueben and half the tribe of Manassah who refused to cross over into Canaan. As Jesus crossed over a furious storm arose. Water spirits were trying to overturn the boat. There is no natural tree, rock, waters etc. which on its own accord will challenge the authority of Jesus. In their natural accord the Bible says they give glory to God. Mark. 5:1-13 - The pigs ran into the sea. In the natural pigs hate water. So it was water spirits that chased them into the sea and the pigs died.
2 Kings 2:19, 20, 21, 22 - This was a demonic problem and Elisha had to break the curse and prophecy to the waters. There are waters that have been bewitched around our cities which causes a lot of barrenness in our people. Many cities are built on rivers. The people who design the cities know all abov gateways/bases of water spirits.

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