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fathers eyes

Fathers eyes

They say I have my fathers eyes/ but all my dad was good 4, was lies/
Id nevr wanna b like the man I despise/ gangsta man taking lives/
how can u take wen it was a gift u recived/ a chance to be sumfin that u belived/
to all ur family making dreams/ but da man they loved wernt wot he seemd/
kiss da kids all goodbye/but they could see da look in mums eye/
she loved her man so much/tears would fall as she made the lunch/
worried dad wouldn’t cum home/dissaperin 4 days never pikin up da fone/
returning bk wid gifts 4 them all/but between the daughter n dad shed built a wall/
cops turn up don’t know who dad is/ what kind of father does that to his kids/
their older bro died age 21/ dad loved him most was the only son/
last words were tell dad I love him/ dad was da 1 that got him into shottin /
thown away by a bullet to the brain/only rember him on days it rains
didn’t stop dad from hes usral ways/ in fact he got worse the children paid/
mama couldn’t take no more/ left 4 children cryin at the door/
oldest daughter took them on/couldn’t choose her life hers was gone/
got so bad she became a hoe/ only way she could make easy doe/
had a baby left it on church stairs/her reality was her worst nightmare/
one day wen shed had enough /hated her life things had got rough/
took her life wid drink and drugs/ picture of all the family she hugged/
this is no fairytail endin/ wish it was/ but my momma died to let us survive/
she gave me a chance that was taken from her/ to live my life be sumfin go far/
so evry nyt I prey God I thank momma 4 givin me life/ sorry 4 ur pain and strife/
Just wish ive got the strength u had/so ill make it through if things got bad/
Want u tono I love you so/ memory of u ill nevr let go x

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