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Hi vry1 dis is sunny nicoles ex bf i myt hv told u my whole story bt i wana mke sure dat al her frnds shud knw abt her true colours..M sori to bother ul bt da pain she gv me has hurt me vry muc she playd wit my emotions n feelings i wish no1 in dis world shud go threw dis..
I neva tout dat dis gal had a evil side of here she jus used me al dis while 4 10 mnths lied me each n evry sec n shwd me her inocent side n trapd me in her lov 4 her own satisfaction ..It al startd wen v met on mig da vry 1st day she caught me n my attention dnt knw wat made her attractd 2wards me mayb wen she knew dat m a model here in india n m fun loving guy wit neat heart ..Mayb she wantd 2 use me wen she cum here in india in july dis yr she alredy has a me as a bf so she dosnt wana find 1 ..She startd shwin her love. in da begnin i neva tok her seriously bt as tym wen she build her trust as she snd me letters n pics threw post n spnd most of da tym wit me on mxit ,so i stard lykin her n da way she actd wit was lyk she lovd me wit al her heart n wud do ne thng 4 me ..She praposd me n askd me 4 marrage n told me 2 wait 4her til her famly shifts 2 india 4 eva in goa aftr july ..N also told me 2 talk wit my parents abt her so i askd her n made sure sud i trust n do dat coz if u dnt cun m ditch me i cnt shw my face 2 my frnds n parent as its few frnds of mine already new abt dis dey said i shud n trust her coz pepl on chat r liers n fake evn i had da same impression bt wen i met nico i tout dis gal realy loves me , v use 2 chat 4 hrs n sumtym if din get tym she use 2 get worryd snd sms cal me ,it was lyk v r in madly in love wit each other i lykd her way of bein naughty v got naughty wit each other mny tyms had phne sex ,made love wit each othe talkd abt r future n abt makin my dreams cum true v evn had famlyplans she wantd a baby boy ,v wer vry romantic she evn snd me her nude pics i stil hv her letters n pics ..I jus startd luvin her madly i neva tout i wud luv a gal ovr chatin as m a model i cum accros mny beatiful gals m hv mny frnds n i also had gfs in past bt i neva got dis feeling for ne 1. v wer engaged she evn shwd me dat she wearin engagmnt ring..I always askd her dat pls dnt brke my trust eva if u thnk u cnt b wit me jus tel me ryt nw coz i love u vry muc n dnt wana lose u i always had dis fear in mea ,i at tyms askd dat y dnt she tel her frnds abt me n intorduce me 2 dem n wat excuse gav me is al she dosnt trust al her frnds n dey myt coz her touble by telin her parents ..She jus introducd me 2 her bst frnd sheetal n she knws evrythng abt it..At dis tym i askd her 4 her mxit pin coz i wantd c hw mny frnds she has n who r al her frnds din wantd get in touch wit den bt jus c it..Bt she din gv me ada pin dat easy she in whr in dat place she already new my all pasword pin since da begning at last i got da pin i went into it i found guy calin her swt names lyk hun ,luv ,baby swtheart kises hug.Bt i avoid it coz it dosnt matter unles she dose n e thngs wrng n its k 2 cal swt names, so aftr dat i neva went into her mxit again..Evrythng was fine for me til decmber bt in decmbr she changd a lot neva answrd me poperly gv me less tym b4 dis she told me dad keeps her cell evryday so cnt chat muc i tout she realy mean it,bt i startd realising dat she dosnt care n luv me da same bt y dose she stil needs me i startd askin her if she has sum1 in her life so she shud leave bt she keept on sayin dat she loves me n she nt cheating me i cudnt understnd wat was goin on i askd her y has she changd bt she stil dint tel me wat was wrog wit her... It was in decmbr bt it wen til jan nw she told me she had joind a job n she din evn inform me abt it n nw i had 2 find ot wat goin on so i went into her mxit usin her pin n wat i saw der was shokin i saw guys chatin abt sex datin n stuf so i askd her bt intstd of givin me explanation she startd blaming me nt cund explain wat was goin on ,nw she startd avoiding me as she cudnt face me i stil askd her if she truly luvs me or has sum1 else dis tym she swore on jesuse christ dat she nt cheating me n dosnt hv other bf ..So nw i startd blaming my self n question my self wat wrng wit me ..Nw she had decided 2 kickd me ot of her life coz she had freedom n new bfs real 1 ..At dis tym i wantd us 2 get bac n 4get evrythng bt she din want me i begd her 2 b wit me n 4gv me bt she refusd i was totaly heart broken my worst fear came true da gal who i lovd mre den my lyf y she leavin me i startd losin my mind eatin my self in side da pain of losin her i tryd sucide wen she told me dosnt want me i eat sleepin peels i was hospitalisd bt dis gal din evn bother 2 ask abt me or cal me evn 1s 2 wether m alive wen i cme bac hme i realisd she neva luvd me nicole was a fake :( i wantd 2 knw y did she do dis so her frnd told me dat she has a bf n she dosot deserve u...Dats it it was al ovr nw i hate her nw bt nw i wantd 2 find wat was da truth n wantd her 2 confes me bt til da end she lied neva did dat.So dats da reason i wana shw al her frnds da evil side of her n want her 2 realise hes mistake ..I want ul 2 Q her y did she do dis ..She nt evn scard of god ..Bt i knw he wil mke her pay da price..Guys m nt a lier,or a hacker I had writen dwn al her contacts jus 2 chek who al r dey ..Yday wen i cald her wat she told jus made me hate mre she sid i m a independnt women free 2 do wat she wants n hv as mny bf she wants no cn stp her ..She sid she dumpd me log bac..

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