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davit z

=>burnt meat,burnt love,tainted existence=<=

Love is like a plant,you need to water it all the time,care for it,look after it,nourish it,as soon as you let the weed take over your garden,you're in deep trouble,kinda like how i am i should've done this a kong time ago,but i guess as a man i'm full of flaws,i won't be the last man to be either,i feel dirty like i tainted our love,like i didn't make enough the for us.we been so busy the past three weeks i should've foreseen it but i didn't.i was to blinded but distractions that i never focussed.i just did my own thing not worrying about how much i hurt you.i'm so sorry that i haven't considered your feelings,that i haven't stop to think.and feel and just be,all i did was wrong,and you got every right to feel that i don't deserve you because i don't.the truth of the matter is i don't wannabe alone anymore.allowing this gap into our lives are my fault,i always say i got enough love for both of us,i should've done something but i didnt,right now it's three o clock in the morning and i'm inspired,the quiet of the night,the shine of the stars,is like healing my broken thoughts,i fee human again,after such a kong time i feel the man again,i don't feel like old little jannie running the gauntlet.this is it,i been waiting so long to get myself back now i finally did and it feels great.I went to hell and back to get you in my life,i was in hell and back to make up for being a loser,but all that's happened was a growing process,in a week's time i'm having my birthday again,i'd love to spend it with you,knowing that the new year for me is more then just a birthday.wendyboo i love you endlessly,and i'm sorry that i had to put up conditions just to have you in my life,when the only condition should've been to treat you right,so yeah i deserve to eat burnt meat.i deserve to be burnt by love.i'm so lost without you,this feels unreal,please forgive me baby,and please consider before you walk out the door,what we have is real,we never lost it,and we never will lose it,it's worse then cancer it's worse then Hiv,it's me loving and you loving me,baby.....thanks for reading....

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