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[[DIABOLIC]] Go ahead and GRIP-GLOCKS i´ll snap your trigger FINGER-IN-SIX-SPOTS you´ll have to LIP-LOCK with hyperdermic needles to LICK-SHOTS/ i´ll watch you TOPELL-FLAT, put away your ring an HOLLA-BACK/ you cant freestyle, your screwed off tha top LIKE-BOTTLE-CAPS/ beneath THE-SURFACE, im overheatin your RECIEVER-CIRCUTS by unleashing DEEPER-VERSES than PRE-SPEAKEN-CHURCH´S/ what you PREACH-IS-WORTHLESS your WORSHIP DEFEAT-THA-PURPOSE like President Bush taking bulletts for THA-SECRET-SERVICE/
Spit fire LIKE-A-DRAGON i s.h.i.t on cats and JAW-TAP-THEM SHOW-NO-COMPASSION like havin a STRAIGHT-FACE-ORGASAM/ TOUR-JACK-THEM have A-TENSE-B.I.T.C.H suck my FRIENDS-D.I.C.K, in tha mean time you can FRENCH-KISS this CLENCHED-FIST/ Diabolic, A-ONE-MAN-BRIGADE SPREADIN-CANCER-PLAGUE juss fu.c.k.i.n a p.u.s.s.ys face, holdin A-HAND-GRENADE/
So if i CATCH-YOU-BLUFFIN fagott.. Your LESS-THAN-NOTHIN/ i just had to get that s.h.i.t off my chest LIKE-BREAST-REDUCTION//

[[IMMORTAL TECHNIQUE]] you mother f.ú.´c.k.e.r.s are nothing, you CANNOT-HARM-ME i´ll resurrect every aborted baby and START-AN-ARMY/ storm tha planet hunting you down, cause IM-ON-A-MISSION to split your body into a billion ONE-CELL-DOGINISIMS/ Immortal Technique will DESTROY-YOUR-RELIGION you STUPID-B.I.T.C.H your faker than blue eyed crackers NAILED-TO-A-CRUSIFIX/ im about to blow up like Nassar CHALLENGER-COMPUTER CHIPS arsonic language transmitted REVOLUTIONARLY/ im like time it´self im goin to KILL-YOU-INEVITEBLE/ chemicaly bomb you, f.´ú.c.k using A-CHROME-PIECE im illmatic you wont make it home, LIKE-JEROMES-NIECE/
I´ll sever your head diagonally for thinkin of DISSING-ME, then use your DEAD-BODY to write my NAME-IN-CALLIGRAPHY/ this PUPPET-DEMOCHROCY brain washed your PHYSCHOLOGY so your NOTHIN-LIKE-DIVERSITY without EQUALITY, and your crew is filled with more fagotts than GREEK-MYTHOLOGY/ USIN-NUMEROLOGY to count tha people i´ve SENT-TO-HEVAN, produce more digits than twentytwo DIVIDED-BY-SEVEN/ your like Kevin Spacey your style is USUALLY-SUSPECT you never killed a cop, your not a mother f.ú.´c.k.i.n.g THUG-YET/ your mind is EMPTY-AN-SPACEOUS like tha part of tha brain tha appreciates CULTURE-INNER-RACIST/ FACE-IT-YOUR-TO-BASIC your NEVER-GONNA-MAKE-IT like Children walking through Antartica B.U.T.T-NAKED//

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