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Amar, I wish this was a story I could make it much juicer......

Well the fact of the matter is TIna is actually quiet upset with the whole thing since we got home....

She dosent want me to talk about it but. Inside I know we will. So lets see what happens next. Tina comes from a sort of conventional background so this might be quiet a cultural shock.


amar singh rathore <amar93282@yahoo.> wrote:

The ending could have been more better, the better ending should have been that tina getting fucked by the 10 incher since u were already in the cubical and she was stroking his cock for a hand job.

good story!

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sonny <flyboy738@yahoo. com> wrote:

Hello readers,

My name is Sonny Megas, I am half Indian half Greek. My best part of my life is my wonderful wife, she is pure Indian. I always wanted to be with someone Indian and she is the perfect indian girl. Anyway the experience i wanna share with you is of our recent visit to Amsterdam--Now we all know what it is famous for --- well on our last day we went ot the red light area to watch a sex show. Also wanna tell you that the rates have gone up, its now 175 Gilders for a 1 hrs show and that price is for a couple.

Well the show was so exciting that Tina (my wife) was watching with lusty eyes. there was a cpl in early twenties on the stage and they fucked for about 45 mins, the girl was very very sexy and the guy was brown skin and a big cock, almost 10 inches.

So while walking back to our hotel we were chatting about what we both liked about the show, so the conversation went like this.

Me: I think that guy was hot too, very well built and strong. Good model.
Tina: Hmm
Me: so what did you think of him?
Tina: Not much, it was ok.
Me: Oh comeone tell me dont be snide.
Tina: No nothing like that, I just though he was strong and big as you just said.
Me: I didnt say anything about big... ha ha.. so you think he was just big or huge.
Tina: stop teasing me I think he was big thats all end of topic.
Me: well if you are shy then we wont talk about it.
Tina: I am not shy, you know its the first time I have seen something like this thats why.
Me: ok so tell me openly then, what did you think of the guy? honest openion. Lets have coffee.

Tina: ok lets sit and have coffee and I will tell you what I think.

Me: ok so whats on your mind tell me about that big guy?
Tina: well to be very honest I have never seen anything like it. He was very huge. His thing was jsut too much for the girl he was screwing. She was also very pleased.
Me: Hmm I think so too and what else did you notice about him.
Tina: well he was well cut and I havent seen that because you are uncut thats why.
Me; so you like a cut cock?
Tina: keep your voice down and dont say that word
Me: why cant I say cock? Cock cock cock..
Tina: shhhhh stop ok ok yes he had a nice cut cock ok. stop now
Me: honestly tina I am also a bit excited to learn that you were watching his cock and I am not jealous or anything.
Tina: thats why i love you so much sonny you are very`` understanding.
Me: so you would say this whole trip has been nice eh? Including the sex show? and the big uncut cock?
Tina: yea I would say so.
Me: well you know what baby the trip is not over yet.
Tina: huh what do you mean.
Me: there is another place I wanna take you.
Tina: No i am tired I wanna go to the hotel and be in bed with you.
Me: well think about it its our last night here lets make it memorable.
Tina: ok what ever you say.

So we went back to another place to watch another show but this was all males show. Tina did not know this till we entered the place. She was shocked and wanted to turn around but I convinced her to stay. There were two guy on the floor, half naked dancing and a whole lot of girls around the bar and a very few couples.

We both settled down with a glass of red wine and the waiter asked if we wanted special service, which was basically for 10 gilders we get to spent 10 mins with the dancers on our table.tina was very reluctant but i convinced her to do so. Now I went to the bathroom and then told the bar tender we want someone with a big cut cock. At least 10 inches plusbecause I am about 10 inches and tina has seen that. I gave him a good tip.

When I came back tina was ready to go, i told her to wait as we are getting ready for the show and i have already paid for it......she was very nervous.
I kissed her on the lips to assure her i am not jealous or anything. I told her I loved her a lot and would never let her away from me. she kissed me back passionately. We both were very aroused now and when we saw the dancer we were impressed he was a handsome bloke in short. He came over and introduced himself and started to dance in front of tina. SHe was very very shy at first, the he asked her to pull her shorts off. WOW he had a big cock even I was impressed. Tina's eyes were transfixed. he just swung it around till he got hard and then 10 mins was up.

Tina was so aroused she was grabbing my knee and was insisting we went back to the hotel. I was not ready to go back yet. I paid the bar tender some more money and asked for a cubical, this time the same dance came there and he was fully errect. Tina was breathing so nervously to see something so big.

I asked her, he has a nice one eh? even better that the last show? she didnt say anything. I waved a 5 euro note and the dancer came closer to tina. Now she was crushing my knee and digging her nails in, i eased her hand away."wanna feel it tina?"
She didnt answer as if she was in a trance, I asked him it its ok to touch, he nodded. I asked tina to touch if she wants, she said no way. So basically i picked her had up and kept it on the cock and asked her its ok. Tina was wondering why I feel ok with this, I guess its just that idea of my wife with another cock and excited...excited me too.

SO once she started to stroke it and feel at ease, whe was breathing heavily now and the dancer was also into it. I guess he found tina beautiful. I asked her to stroke it harder and harder. now she was fully into it stroking as if there was no tomorrow...the dancer went "stop stop" but before he could say anything else he started to cum all over the table and tinas dress....she was in extasy....

We cleaned up and went to the hotel and had the best sex of our life....

Readers respond to this email and I will try to let tina read them and see what she thinks....

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