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*color of friendship*

:-> "The c0lor of the rainb0w have always associated w/ friendship.It is said that the color of the rainbow symbolize the different aspects of friendship.
In order to have friendship you must l0ok the color of the s0ul because w/in the s0ul lies a rainbow of many colors.
Rainbow having different colors and pr0bably the m0st beautiful and pi0us scene to be viewed in any part of the w0rld.Just like the rainbow the friendship between tw0 souls also pr0vide a sacred view other pers0ns.
There is an interesting TALE behind the f0rmati0n of the rainbow.It said that once the different colors of the w0rld began to quarrel in order to signify thier imp0rtance to the w0rld.
Said that clearly he was the m0st imp0rtant color as God ch0sen him f0r the signs of life like the grass,trees and leaves.
Interupting the green c0l0r,the blue c0l0r quickly resp0nded by saying that he was the m0st imp0rtant of all as he has been selected f0r the sky ab0ve and the sea.
Sea gives y0u water w/c is c0nsidered t0 be the basis of life & the sky ab0ve pr0vides peace & serenity.
The orange c0l0r c0uld take it m0re and immediately replied that he was the m0st imp0rtant c0l0r as he is the regarded as the c0l0r of health and streght.The orange can be f0und in carr0ts,pumpkins,pawpaws & oranges.
0n hearing this yell0w c0l0r giggled and said that he was the c0l0r of laughter,gaeity and warmth and hence he was the m0st imp0rtant of all the c0l0rs.He was to be f0und in all imp0rtant things related to life like the sun,m0on,stars & sunfl0wers.
Red c0l0r interrupted the yell0w c0l0r by sh0uting that he was the ruler of all the c0l0rs as he was the c0l0r linked w/ life
Red c0l0r can be f0und in bl0od and hence it is a c0l0r of danger and bravery.He said that he was also the c0l0r of passi0n and l0ve as all the r0ses related t0 l0ve are red.
After the red c0l0r finished speaking.The purple r0se and said that he was the c0l0r of r0yalty and was ch0sen by the great kings,bish0ps & chief as a symb0l of auth0rity and wisd0m.
At last the turn of the indigo came and he spoke w/ much determinati0n and said that he was the m0st imp0rtant c0l0r of all times as he was the c0l0r of silence as he represented reflecti0n,twilight and deep water.
He further said that he was needed f0r balance and c0ntrast and f0r prayer & inner peace.
The c0l0rs went on fighting & quarreling w/ each other.Thier v0ice of quarrel became so high that rain started t0 p0ur.The rain sh0uted at the c0l0rs and t0ld them to be quiet as all of them were imp0rtant & were created f0r symbolizing the unique things.
The c0l0rs went on fighting & quarreling w/ each other.Thier v0ice of quarrel became so high that rain started t0 p0ur.
Rain further t0ld them to h0ld hands & have friendship am0ng themselves.The c0l0rs did the same thing and fr0m then whenever it rained the c0l0r j0ined hands and stretched acr0ss the sky in the f0rm of rainb0w.
These c0l0r of rainb0w makes us understand that when we are t0gether and appreciate each other then we also f0rm a rainb0w of c0l0rs of friendship w/c l0oks beautiful fr0m all angels.

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