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men may be

naturally programmed to stare at other women

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Most women have caught their
partner's eye wandering when an
attractive woman walks by. No matter
how monogamous and faithful, the
visually stimulated heterosexual man
is “naturally programmed” to want
more than one woman. Dennis
Prager, speaking for the online non-
accredited academic institution
Prager University , claims a man’s
“built-in” attraction to the female
body is all due to evolution, and at
the end of the day, “he wants you.”
“Even men in happy relationships will
still find some women more attractive
than their own girlfriend,” Prager says
in the video “He Wants You.” Prager
contests men are inclined to look at
other women simply because they
are other women. Although they are
excited by other female forms, this
does not mean they are dissatisfied
with their own partner, however.
Although Prager’s statements can be
ludicrous and at times misogynistic,
his explanation does hold scientific
merit. A 2013 study published in the
journal Archives of Sexual Behavior
found unlike women, men prefer
faces they’ve never seen before when
it comes to being visually stimulated.
Men rated these women less
attractive when they saw them for a
second time. Researchers believe the
reason may be that men evolved to
maximize their reproductive success
by mating with as many partners as
possible, which explains the
Coolidge effect of why men are
aroused by the idea of a new sex
partner than women.
"Men are programmed by nature to
want variety, indeed endless variety,”
Prager says. However, he assures
insecure girlfriends that if their
relationship with their boyfriend is
solid, they have nothing to worry
about. Prager suggests for women to
do away with their primal fears of
losing him and realize men may ogle
women, but once they are out of
sight, they are out of mind.
“More than anyone else in the world,
he wants you. And if you don't
believe me, ask him,” Prager says.

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