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Nokia Tricks & Tips

ΞΞΞΞΞΞ ροωεяεю ßч ΞΞΞΞΞΞ
MobiLe Handy Tips
- At the top of the main-menu and every folder, the keys 1 to 9 are shortcuts to the icons 1-9
- A shortcut on the left menukey in standby-mode will take more time to open than a shortcut on the right menukey.
Reason: The left key is also used for the keylock so it shortly waits for pressing the * button.
- While writing text press and hold "#" to switch between Alpha mode and Number mode. You can also press a key long to insert its number.
- In standby-mode, press and hold 0 to launch your wap home page.
- If you have your keylock activated just press the on/off button to turn on your backlight to look at the time when it's dark without having to unlock the keypad.
- To keep the backlight on, run Torch (freeware), press and hold the Menu button and go somewhere else on the phone.
- To check your current firmware version simply type *#0000# in standby screen.
- To check your IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) type *#06# in standby screen.
- To check your Bluetooth device address type *#2820# in standby screen.
- Start up in Safe Mode (no 'auto start' apps will be running): Hold down the pencil key when you turn on the phone and hold it on until you have to enter your PIN code.
- In standby mode, 45 # + dials the number on your sim in memory slot 45. 50 # + dials slot 50 and so on.
Using Alarm When Phone Is off
Did you know that you can set
alarm on your phone even when
it is turned off? This is quite
useful feature for people who
usually turn their phones off
while sleeping. For you who
always turn your phones on,
this feature might not be
interesting. Actually it is not
only a feature of S60 phones;
some other non-S60 phones
from Nokia has this feature too.
How do we setup this feature?
There is nothing special. Simply
set alarm in the Clock
application as usual. Then switch
off your phone and go to bed.
Next morning, when the alarm is
ringing, you can stop it and the
phone will be switched on
automatically. Alternatively, you
can also select snooze if you
still want to sleep.

DeLeting Item With 'C' Key
How do you usually delete an
item in S60 applications, for
example, in Contacts or
Messaging applications? Many
people select Options >> Delete
to delete an item but you can
also press 'C' key to delete an
item. It's faster because you
only need one click instead of
several clicks.
Just remember to press 'C' key
when you want to delete
something in S60 applications.
Most S60 applications support
this feature, including Contacts,
Messaging, Notes, Calendar,
Gallery, File Manager and many

Forgotten Security Code
If you don't remember your
phone's security code and you
want to reset it, click the link
below, key in your IMEI code
and use the generated Master
code instead of your forgotten
security code.
Click here

Clear Form Input Easily
To easily clear form inputs on
default browser of any s60
phone.. (to save time pressing
'C' key each time to erase
letter by letter), simply open
your Wallet application and set
a dot like ''. '' as NOTES. Now
each time you face this
situation of clearing input fields
with lots of words in it, just
press options, open wallet, then
fill in the Note with da dot.
Voila.. All clear...

Lost Wallet Password? =========================
Type *#7370925538# on the
main screen. This resets wallet
code but be warned you lose all
stuff in the wallet.

Retrieve Lost MMC Password
1). Open file explorer. (SeleQ,
FExplore, AppMan, whatever')
2). Search for MMCSTORE
3). When you find it, send it to
your PC
4). On PC, open the file with
Notepad, or any word processor
5). There goes your password

Subfolders In Menu
Subfolders in Menu
If you have already tried it, you
know it's not possible to have a
folder inside another in phone's
menu, because there's no 'Move
to folder' option if you highlight
a folder.But with Alberto
Bilheteria and all his action, the
history is different...
1- Open your phone's menu and
highlight the folder you want to
put inside another folder
2- Press Options-Move and
press 1 to move the folder to
the first position in menu
3- Open some file explorer (if
you don't have one, download
from the link below), and go
to !:\system\apps\, where ! is
the drive you have some
application installed: C for the
phone or E for the card
4- Highlight a folder, and
rename it to anything else than
its original name.
5- Immediatelyperform this
sequence as fast as you can:
press Menu key, highlight any
application or game (not a
folder) and press Options
6- Don't do anything else, but
wait until Menu is
refreshed.After that, you'll see
the cursor appears over the
folder you want to move.
7- Select Move to folder,
choose the destination folder
and the folder will be where
you moved it.
-The application or game you
must highlight at step 5 should
be in the same folder than the
folder you want to move.
-Steps 3 and 4 explain a fast
and simple action that causes
Menu to be refreshed.If you like
it better, both steps can be
replaced with install a
application that's already
installed or remove some
application using phone's App
Manager.Anyway, remember the
step 5 has to be done
immediatelly after the previous
-Before trying this trick, make
sure that you have at least
one item that's not a folder in
your phone's menu.It may be a
game or a application.
-After renaming a application
folder located at !:\system\apps\, don't forget to rename it
back to it's default
name.Otherwise, it won't appear
at phone's menu and you can't
use it.

Gallery Shortcuts (S60)
In Image section, you can use there shortcuts after opening any Image :
* - Full screen view.
1 - Zoom by 50 % - 100%.
0 - Zoom out.
Nokia 6600 is different.
* - Full screen view,
5 - Zoom In,
0 - Zoom Out,
1 and 3 - Rotate,
7 - Zoom In, Full Screen,
2 ,8 ,6 and 4 - move image
Copy & Paste (s60) =========================
You can copy/paste your text - Select the text by pressing a button showing pencil. Hold the key and drag with the arrow.
Again hold the same key. Option copy/paste will appear. Select copy. It will get selected and stored in tens memory.
Then paste it anywhere you want. Hold the same key. Option paste will appear.
Then paste the selected text.

Format S60 Phones
You can quick format your phone and you can full format. To quick format goto tools/settings/general/resoreFactory Settings.
To full format go on standby screen and put in
this code: *#7370# this will leave you with nothing on your phone except nokia software. I will advise you keep your phone on charge while doing this in case of not finishing its re-format.
A Soft-reset - the process of resetting all the settings of the phone to the factory default!
No applications are deleted! A Hard-reset is like formatting a drive!
It does format the memory.
Everything that has been installed after the first use of the phone is deleted!
It will recover the memory of the phone to the state you purchased it!

Full PhonE Formatting
If you encounter a situation like below on your symbian phone,
1. Blank screen phone unable to reboot.
2. Phone only able to boot-up to 'Nokia' word screen.
3. Install some program but not able to uninstall it after that.
4. Error messages such as 'Child Installer' keeps popping-up.
do a full phone formatting on your phone as steps below;
1 . Make sure you have at least 3/4 charge of battery power left.
2. Backup your contacts list and personal files to MMC memory card. (see link below)
3. Switch-off your phone.
4 . Press and hold these 3 keys; Green dial key, * (star key) and no. 3 key and then press the power on/off to switch on the phone.
Remember, do not let go all of the keys, hold until you see a formatting word screen show!
5. After a few minutes when the full phone formatting ...

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