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Poems of bitterness,anger, and depression.

There is no love,there is only pain and loss,and death of joy.I find no answers,only more questions,and more reasons to question.
What is truth?
Where are we going,and where have we been? Have we left here before only to return once again?

What are we doing,and what have we done? Did it all just end,or has it all just begun?
Another rainy night is here,reminding my heart of it´s sadness.I wish I could find a way to forget her the way she forgot me.

Other women have passed through, stopping for a short while,but I never held on tightly,and they slipped away while I started to dream.

Just closing my eyes now,and suddenly she´s right here.I can taste her lips,and feel the warmth of her body next to mine.

But then the thunder roars in like a lion,ripping us apart,and thrusting me into the storm,where I run,cursing love,trying to remember the sunshine.
Inside out

I woke up here in a sweat,cold to the bone,and trapped inside this bag.

I clawed a hole with my nails,reached out,and unzipped the darkness.

I stumbled across the room before a mirror,stared upon a stranger,

And died for the last time.
The ever-rushing tide of people sweeps quickly in around me,faces cold,and dark, that merge into one blank stare that washes over me,and pulls me underneath the murky waters of my own self-doubt.
Today is yesterday with a different name,the same familiar b.a.s.t.a.r.d, forcing the same unfair exchange.

He takes love,hopes,and dreams,and leaves self-loathing and self-doubt.You´re locked away inside yourself,without the strength to find your way out.

So you sit there in the darkness,trying to regain the memory of the light,while your demons dance in the pleasure of the victory of another fight.
Life has become a box.Daily,I search the corners for the worn, outgrown smile, from the past life of my childhood.And I stretch,pull,and curse expectations,as I force the smile upon a face,wrinkled and nearly unfamiliar.

Finally, dissatisfied with the struggle for satisfaction,I climb out into a world where stories float about, unbelievable stories where sorrow is unknown,joy is never lost,love is only true,and only lasts forever.And it´s only foolish not to wish.Tonight, before climbing back in,i´ve decided to watch for falling stars.
Everything reeks of hatred and is in dissaray. Long gone are the dreams of tomorrow from the mind of yesterdays child, like the sun at four a.m. Wasn´t it so beautiful?

It´s like waking up cold in a shallow, borrowed grave, long after the mourners have departed for warm fireplaces, warm meals, and warm embraces. Was I ever really there?

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