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smackdatzn - Woman

Sinfuly sexc 0gz

52 of 66 in ‎(¯`°·.‎M><!tMad¡®'Z.·°´¯)

07. Feb 2008 02:57:45 EST
File type: JPG picture
File size: 45 kB
But this steki.. Sure as Hell IS sexy 8-o mwahz thickness:P
26.08.2008 15:28 EDT,
Aw blaine that was not me whatkind :O
26.08.2008 15:24 EDT,
Ray your cake what happened for you
15.05.2008 10:44 EDT,
You fat hey but il nye you ;-) just say when ' my sack is heavy i know you experienced :-)
07.05.2008 04:59 EDT,
Mwahlalaz kia lukn t0pz qt. Keep it real str33t was ere...
16.03.2008 10:38 EDT,
As 4 u toothpick whitney dat aint even ur ryt name lmao nw dat u lee's cuz u thnk ima leav u alne u beggn 4 4givnes huh lmao oh wat hapn u learnt dat i aint fat afta al bt u dead bung of me u blk b!tch i wil shove a court bottle so far up yaw poez it wil stick ot ur throat
13.03.2008 16:37 EDT,
Ay sexy madir nw y u wana pump yaw cum infested poez mouth lyka b!tch on fire hmmm :-? i suggest u dnt hide behind a nickname lyk da bung beeech dat u are an show urself altho i doubt u gt gutz 2 do dat lmao wetha i tel ma jean size or wat gt farkol 2 do wid u or wat ma bras type 2 me dnt feel left ot infact u rather shove ur head up yaw poez an shut da fark up
13.03.2008 16:34 EDT,
lol whitney awe that was bad i dnt think ill leave anythin cause that was just bad
29.02.2008 05:00 EST,
kia:)we hav fitness kits at totalsports if u interested;)
25.02.2008 00:29 EST,
Shan3ll3 :? Waat da faark u cumin an leavin s0o0o lng msg's 4 ur idi0t n wat phukin "hehe" al da tym lyk u gat bala up ur arse...fucken dum biatch.diz kiara gal nt theeek y u lie she fat blk n ugly mxit m0s beegst whorez.
24.02.2008 09:29 EST,
hehe yaw u sinfully sexc hehe u not fat u theeeeeeeek hehe nice ladat!! no wonder dat andro loooooooooove u :-o lmao but kia y da ppls hate on u soooo much lmao well all they can do is keep hating n pups u jus tell them genaai naaiers hehe wo gives a fark wat them haters tink. wait wat do they say :-? opinions are like a$$holes u find them every farking where :-) mwahz love ya ...princess_bee :-)
20.02.2008 02:26 EST,
na dis papa nt fat. she vulptuous:P
19.02.2008 03:25 EST,
al i can d0 iz larf
19.02.2008 00:40 EST,

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