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baby flem

»»...Berry intaviewz Cobra...««

Berry:welcome King Cobra or shall i call you King c0ckbra or Cartoon King,hmmm or Wanking Queen u g0t such alot of names but i can just look at you and see why anyways welcome
C0bra:Just call me anything you want to Berry i love all those nickz btw what colour trunky you got on?
Berry:c0ckbra this isn't the dating show for gays,so tell us which hand do you use to wank
C0bra:i try to use both hands in turns Berry my left been building too much muscles it got to obvious for everybody to see that i'm wanking,but i love it that's why i'm still a virgin and for all you rabbitz out there Text sex is the cleanezt you can get try it
Berry:lol c0bra Easy said something about you using your whole hand in your ass is that true?
C0bra:no it isn't you know how much Easy lies,i true four fingers a couple of fukz more and i'll be able to use my whole hand
Berry:lol oh i see C0bra so tell us what do you do for a living?
C0bra:berry i deliver vegetables for my uncle,but i per accident delivered my head last week that's why i'm acting all L0oney T0onz,they even made me a producer,i edit recordings when i'm bored of wankin Thevdia is a good teacher*winkz at Thevdia while she finishing her glass of cum*
Berry:lol i've noticed that,i was bust when i heard all that messages easy swearing Daffy duck thatz a buster,you got pictures of Easy too from the video, when can we see them?
C0bra:lmfbo Berry did you know he got a gap tooth,that darkio*points at Easy*is a lab rat to me i'm gonna crush him he burnt and disgraced me enough, i can. Take it that he don't want me whenever i want attention from him he burns me,and that Hustler is a p0oz he don't want me either only Tali that don't think i'm too ugly for her dog
Berry:lmfbo true that but from what i've heard she's fake too,it's not even her real name but you probably know that,that's if you did meet her,,what does she see in you?
C0bra:she must like my bald head and then i'm one of the idiots on mxit,easy to pity a dumb o like me you know,she even buy me airtime,i love you Baby*blows kiss at the camera*
Berry:i see, interesting C0bra so what's the priviledges of being 26 and still a virgin?
C0bra:berry i get xcercize dat way since i'm too fat to start jogging,i love being a virgin,i could never find a woman who wanna fuk me without a blackbag over my head,and i can't run that fast to catch them lol *thevdia cuts in*
Thevdia:i want you Shan0n baby i can't find a man either the men we're interested in isn't interested in ugly cuntz like us so we might as well hook up
Berry:at least you met a soulmate here tonight C0bra you can give your hand leave now and please use a condom one don't know what sick Thevdia got *winkz at thevdia*there you have it folks,next week we're interviewing Sniper, Phoenixfire and the late Splifstar stay tuned...

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