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krazy madhrr - Man

...!ntr0duc!ng dr.h!ll...

What d0 we hav here?hahaha isnt diz ow ol fren Kraze Madir...Leonard0...hahaha lik wun furkn ninja turtle he luk and what bowt Kraze luk like he bungee jumped screamin c0wabunga in2 iz dead madazp0ez!!hahaha thevdia...s0 diz our alien wu tinkz h!z da madir in letz git 2 d sh0w...
"our 0wn Clint0n went da Dr.H!ll sh0w and was welcumd and offaed a seat,the 4l0win c0nvasatian is n0t 4 minorz...n0ted..
H!ll:^greetz clint0n^nice to meet you sir...come have a seat and feel welcome...
Fearless:thank you sir ^take a seat......!and then wif a bang we g0t our supr!ze a flash...ladiez and jintelman welc0me our own nothing on me,so why are you here Trashdiva?
Trashdiva:i'm here to take part in the show Hill...
Dr.H!ll:Ookay then trashdiva what's your business...
Trashdiva:NicOlaz didnt i tel yaw ur day wil cum...madir il make yaw shyte yaw panty rite here right now again
Dh:w8...Trashdiva d0nt u want make up or sumfin afta awl diz is g0in live...
Trashdiva:Gud idea...eazy yaw madazdead p0ez i kn0w u watching kaffir...diz iz..
Fearless:Yaw itz da pekiez site Eazy i fear n01!i'm a madir
Dh:you're getting heated in here...what's the problem Nicholaz
Fearless:It's irritating...i can't remember anything,like right nOw i can't remember warideed with my brains...(looks around...searching)
Dh:then how do you find it again nicolaz
Trashdiva:he just for it to start smelling Dh And scratch his ass and text...
Dh:Ingeniuz long do you have this problem Nico...
Fearless:what problem doc?...(blank stare)
Dh:nevermind you were saying?(lukz quite b0red
Fearless:i'm teaching Whitney a new dance doc..The Elevator Dance..heard of it?
Dh:I sure didn't ,do you shit in elevators as well...what's it like?
Fearless: doc that's for beds and whitney...this dance got no steps..
Dh:(Blankstare)...afta the break..

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