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fuckn thing after another - Comics/Fantasy/Anime

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16. Jul 2008 11:01:05 EDT
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Puts down a some matches, a lighter and pertol......Here's my contribution.....Please burn each other and get over it......
18.11.2008 02:59 EST,
Lol if i type something here to burn the bald man and the looser, they'll delete my messages, so it's no use
. . . And the fury'd flame died out . . . One question why the hell are the men goin on about raping each other's ass . . . It's gay to say the least . . . . Tuning who ripped who open the most . . . Lmimp talk about taking the beating like a man . . Suck it up cupcake ;)
04.11.2008 08:53 EST,
Hehehehe...porkhead cant rap hating old man w0nt help u
01.11.2008 07:12 EDT,
fake piece of shit queen cobz u dumb ass get ur head out yo ass an u might get sum airflow through ya head son.............
01.11.2008 04:16 EDT,
All new check it out enter if u got da skils 2 hold the title as rap king
22.10.2008 10:12 EDT,
Lmfbo i couldn've said it better myself:x
22.10.2008 05:30 EDT,
His a fat old man depending on his parents to buy him everything sitting all day in front of his computer editing pictures and making movies,watching gay porn and wish that rod was up his ass whils he's masturbating on his keyboard get a real job u weak farking kuntling....
22.10.2008 04:41 EDT,
Now he's a lonely old man forty years old lol He gotta lie and cheat to have friends cause he's too ugly to have friends and those male he got is his boyfriends...
22.10.2008 04:38 EDT,
Tal his so called real life girlfriend left him because he's meeting his boyfriends and she found it out....
22.10.2008 04:36 EDT,
this queen cobs poez his still a virgin because he's gay and no man find him attractive enough to break it for him lol so he and mister bean having text sex hoping he's virgin will get break that way.....
22.10.2008 04:35 EDT,
Easy's beating your talentless ass to pieces and you still trying it's the only thing in your stupidity you're ignorant you going to buy gail to cool this battle for you like Kyle cooked the other battles for you....
22.10.2008 04:33 EDT,
LMFAO broda this kunt keep tryna change da topic involving me an funky try get away from da ass whipping he getting jo queen cobs u ugly kunt stick wid da program sucka.......
22.10.2008 04:31 EDT,

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