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How to Manage Migraine Headaches

this article based on experience but may be useful for someone who facing the migraine !

Suggestions on how to lessen the frequency of migraine headaches:-

There's a variety of migraine headaches. Some will hit all of a sudden without warning others will come on gradually. Bottom line, finding the triggers is the first step in managing a migraine along with good communication between you and your doctor. I have suffered for years with migraines and have tried so many of the narcotics and prophylactic medications that my cupboard looked like a pharmacy. I still get migraines, but not as often and for me I have the medications that usually work. Thanks to a doctor years ago I began to understand the causes and ways to minimize the number of migraines I was getting.
Make sure you have a doctor that understands migraines and will listen to you when you explain how they are affecting your quality of life.
If you are on medications such as ****, Darvocet, Demerol, ****, or other narcotic pain medications, consider that you may be having "rebound" migraines from taking the medications. It's a vicious circle sometimes. You take the drugs to get rid of the headache and then the drugs themselves can cause a headache. Ask your doctor if there's an alternative non-narcotic medication so you can stop the narcotics for at least a week to give your body a break. I realize that once we find relief, even briefly, from the drugs they become our safety blanket. It's scary to think about going without the medications. There are migraine medications such as Imitrex, Maxalt, Amerge and others. Imitrex did not work well for me because of the side effects. Maxalt works only on certain migraines I have and Amerge works on others. I have not experienced rebound headaches from these medications. When you are taking any medication, take it as prescribed. Be sure to read the directions. Again, be sure you consult your doctor and keep him/her informed.

In my home I have thrown out anything with fragrance. Laundry soap, fabric softener, bleach, dish soap, bath soap, lotions, even perfumes. I also use unscented deodorant. Once I did this I realized I wasn't having the eye stabbing migraines as often. You may want to consider that you're sensitive to odors and the environment.
When I cook I don't use onion. For me it's guaranteed that I will have a migraine if I eat, smell or cook with onion. It's such a shame to because my husband loves onions. When we go out to eat I have to make sure there is no onion in anything I eat. If you get a migraine after eating a meal, consider what the possibilities are of one of the foods causing the migraine.
I used to work in an office and would have constant migraines. By the time I would get home, I would go to bed. My life consisted of getting up, going to work, and coming home and going to bed because the other women in the office would wear perfumes and the men wore cologne. If you're job requires you to work at a computer all day and you find yourself suffering with a migraine then you may have to consider a job change or at least a change in the work environment. Overall, the office environment wasn't healthy for me. I was taking pain medication and then not able to work at my peak performance.
I kept a record of when I was getting migraines and what was going on around me when I got them along with what I had eaten just before the migraine started. I was then able to give this information to my doctor.

My shoulder was injured when I was younger and I began having migraines on that side of my head. I could tell it was new and different from other migraines that I have. I would get very irritated realizing that instead of the possibility of my migraines decreasing, I was going to have to figure out a way to manage a new one. My doctor sent me to bio-feedback which helped me become more aware of managing my body mechanics and reminding myself not to overdo during activities. Learning to relax is very important since our bodies instinctively tense up when we are feeling pain.
Today I still have headaches but I know when they are starting and take action right away by taking the proper medication prescribed for me. I know my limitations when it comes to activities and have made my home my safe haven by keeping the environment odor free. I also keep a routine by going to bed at the same time every night and getting up at the same time every morning. I also make sure I drink my morning coffee. I don't drink caffeinated soda, but if I did I would make sure to get the same amount of caffeine every day. Eating three meals a day is very important. If I don't I could end up with a migraine.

It is my belief that keeping my life balanced as much as possible helps prevent migraines. I work, I'm married, and I have kids. My family is understanding, kind and very helpful. It's important to patiently explain to those close to you how migraines affect you. Do not feel like you are a burden to your family and loved ones. The sooner everyone knows what to do or what not to do, the sooner your quality of life will improve.
My family knows when I say "I have a headache" they will ask what I need and if I ask, they will get it for me. If I go to bed without saying a word my husband will ask if I'm o.k.., and help me if I need it. Other than that I just want to be left alone and they know it.
I have had one trip to the emergency room in the last year. My husband knew what to do and I didn't have to worry. Because of educating my family when I'm not in the middle of a migraine and then giving reminders, there's no drama when we have to make the trip. When I am throwing up and dry heaving nobody panics everybody knows to help me to the car for the trip.

I used to snap at anybody that tried to help me because I didn't family lives a good full life. We are happy and support each other through all things, including migraines. want to be a burden and I was in pain. I felt like I was taking away their quality of life as if I was holding them back. I would become depressed and angry wondering "why me". Now I realize that I may never be migraine free and it's up to me to manage them.

Tips & Warnings:-

Communicate well with your doctor
Be aware of you medications and possibilities of rebound headaches
Try a fragrance free environment
Try alternative treatments such as Bio-feedback, acupuncture, massage therapy
Get plenty of rest
Stay on a routine
Don't wait until the headache is bad before taking prescribed medication
Communicate well with your family
Keep a diary of your headaches
I am not a doctor or any part of the medical profession. These are only

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