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Mum was fucked

Hi!My name is sanjay and my age is 21years old.i've well built and toned body.i'm doing my graduation Father is in the navy.we are a family with only three member.and i am their only when dad use to go for duty he use to be outstation for months and even years.since i'm also not at home only mum use to be home with our servants and some occasional visit from our relatives.she use to be very lonely and complains all the time when ever i called her back from my study place.
She's very happy now since i've come home after six months for just 15 days holiday.actually,i thought of staying back and do some studying but since mum insisted i came home.Mom's name is Sohini Roy. Age 40 but looks like 35.she's of the evergreen type,whose body figure denies the rule of time.she still looks beautiful and sexy.her boobs still remains firm which surprises me much.i look at it sometimes.

Her statistics are 36-30-36.her skin is fair complexioned by nature. Her height is– 5'5'.not so tall and not so short.i love her hair the most which is long,thick and jet reaches till her knee and is very attractive.i believe she's the ultimate sexy woman of all the guys who have seen her.

We were invited to A party at a resort in the name of parent's day.there were lots of drinksand almost everyone was drunk.some guys were already getting wild demanding to increase the volume of the music.

My friend vicky was also drunk and i could see he was already ogling at mum,but i just let it be in the name of friendship.later i saw him approaching mom for a dance,I was so busy with my drinks and friends that i forgot to check my mum,later when i turned around i realised that mom was not there.i started searching for her and someone told me that she wass in the third floor with my friend Vicky.

I went up the stair very uneasily as the drinks was taking its toll on me.when i reached the third floor i started searching for my mum.i heard some sounds coming from a particular room whose door was half open.when i looked inside the room,i was shocked ...

I saw vicky,my friend was kneelind down behind my mum and was fucking her hard and mum's dress were all over the floor.Mom was screaming and Vicky had grabbed her hair from back and was fucking her in doggy style.

At first i was so shoked to see all this right in front of my eyes...they still continued their first i thought mum was screaming out of pain and anger..but after a while i realized that she was screaming out of ectasy...her every body moved and swirled like a snake and everytime vicky withdrew his cock she will follow it back and push her ass against his big hard cock....she was moaning and saying....ahh...fuck me harder..vicky...go on...don't stop...ah..mother fucker....yeah...YEAH...unnnnghh...

Initially i was shocked but after watching their action for a while i soon had a hard on...i forgot that the woman vicky was fucking was my mum..she was a lady....a full bloom lady...her nakedness made me drool...her breast was hanging down and shaking everytime vicky gave a thrust into her pussy...sometimes his hand will go and give her breast a tight little drove me crazy

Their motion was so uniformed as if they had an understanding from before...evrytime vicky thrust his hard cock into her pussy she'll thrust her ass forward and meet his cock halfway...her pussy was so wet,i could even see drops of her cum coming down her front pussy.

Atlast,i started masturbating without my knowing it.i was standing at the door with my cock in my hand...their action was fully visible to me...i started luking at my mum's boob's and her gracious pussy lips...all still very firm and sexy

Their moaning turned louder as their rythm increased it's tempo.mum was cuming vicky....ahh....yeah..u fucker...u fuck well...u r a good fuck..fuck me...harder...fuck..yeah...ah ohh..faster..yeah am cuming...
As vicky increased his tempo...he was shouting to mum...oh...u bitch...what a good fuck u are....oh loving it...ah lovely cuming....ohhh bitch...ah...

And than both of them collapse on the they collapse on the bed...mum's head turned towards me...she saw me...and at first trembled a bit...but she came back to her senses and better sense prevailed her as she called me in....sonny,boy...come in please.

I went in with my hand still on my cock...mum said..cum here my boy,cum.if ur friend can staisfy me,why not you....?I've been hungry for so long...come and make ur mum happy....vicky noded in approval.i went to my mum obediently and she took my cock in her hand...oh the warmness of my mum's hand on my cock was so much...i can't describe.....

She looked at it and's already hard but not that hot...lemme make it hot for my hot pussy...saying this she straightaway started sucking me...vicky looked on saying...lucky u...she didn't do that to me... To which mum giggled like a small school girl...i was already hard but her sucking made me harder and i've now decided to give mum a good son's fucking i let my hand roam on my mum's every body part....i touched her breast for the first was so warm and soft that i didn't feel like leaving it so while one hand of mine was fondling her breast another hand of mine went down her naval and found the fucked-right-now busy still hot and wet....i massaged it for a while and mum has already started moaning moving her ass up and down....

I laid her on the edge of the bed and i stood on the ground...our waist was now on one level...i pulled her legs apart and inserted my hard cock on her pussy...luckily for cock was bigger than vicky' even if he had fucked my mum just now i still had the same pleasure of fucking her as he did.
Mum was so happy to have such a huge cock inside her and she was making the most of it by meeting my every thrust...she was son/....fuck me soon....fuck ur mum hard sonny boy....oh yeah....ah...thats it son...ahhhhhh...yeah...
I licked her breast and gave her nipple a few bite as i thrust my cock into mummy's pussy...she orgasm immediately....i continued fucking felt so good i didn't wanna leave her pussy...
Watching me fuck my mum,vicky got a hard on again...he was begging me to giv him another fucking chance....

I already had enough of mum's pussy...i now wanted to fuck her i lied down and told mum to sit on my cock with her first she was scared but she later gave in...she slowly sat down on my cock and my cock entered her asshole .it was tight but it gave way to my cock..oh..damn,it felt so good.we did in-n-out once and twice tan i told mum to sleep over me with her back on me so that her pussy will be open to my friend vicky.....

Vicky was very glad to fuck mum again...mum was screaming in joy...she started moving like a snake and got orgasm after orgasm over and over again as vicky and i increased our felt so and vicky going in her turn by turn...mum's face was already tuning red in ectasy....her nipple were hard...her asshole felt so warm and tight as i went in her and felt so good....vicky was screaming and shouting as mum had her nails all over him.. Vicky and i continued our work...and we all had another climax all at the same felt so good....mum was also so happy having her holes filled up in both sides with cum trickling down from back and front. After that we dressed up and had a drink together...i told vicky that if he wanted to fuck my mum again than he shall also offer his mum to me or else i'm going to stay back home and take care of mum alone...mum agreed willingly so did vicky...

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