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f u - Comics/Fantasy/Anime

Poetic shit

Check da insight...if u critisize...u dnt get it.just smile and wave lmfao


the comitment to those in ones life,is that of butter in need of a doubt or depresion the one without question is the one u turn to in need.if their near or if their far whether its hurtful with scars one tends to return to just that which they run frm its a it love or a feeling of hate,that inside it rips out a tempting fate with mind fucking function ,in conjunction with assumption for a comfort in that frm which they attempt to avoid.

Savage love

The feeling of torture as it burns a core of hate into the fragile heart of those whom hav fallen victim to its sharpened one is safe frm its ravenous hunger,not even those whom hav escaped before.blow by blow it rips appart the hardened exo-skeleton of those with the distanced minds and it grips the thoughts into a tight hold.seemingly dying frm inside,bt heartache it is not.instead, the darkness of its piercing eyes is that of love and gentle fights those whom do not believe that this creature will consume them and wins the match everytime.

comic relief of the old mountain days...take 1..

5 ppl in smithy8ositting on the floor looking so spiffy.swaying from side to side..Everyone tucked into their honour and pride..With arms spread out wide from hessy's side..Ian runs and hides..As he thinks hessy will shoot him with a spear8...he smiled and said 'now now dear' and took out the spear and sliced off ians ear..His feet kicked into gear as he hit the road and hopped like a toad , never to see hessy again

comic relief of the old mountain days..take 2..

there in a corner of a dark room sits megan armed with a can of doom,around the corner jan creeps..With a fly swatter which in reverse beeps..He starts backing up as megan approaches she screams thinking its mountain roaches, stomping and kicking the shit out of him..Opening her eyes she sees a ruffled old tie, flowers and the swatter of death and in the shadows out of breath is the man of the hour..The mightiest tower, lying on the floor..Mouth to mouth is the only way out and he enjoyed the beating no doubt cause he got to have a make up kiss after..

world and life

the sound of darkness battling the chant of sunrise,the crickets scurry away into the night leaving the echoes of their cries in the minds of those attentive enough to listen.When looking in the eyes of nature you see the souls glisten.Its difficult to imagine the miracle of birth and growth in this world of war and destruction taken by oath.As the leaves crackle under the boots of soldiers they feed the life under ground with acres of breathing soil and all it bounds, being fed by anothers demise, the planet now subsides and bows to man, as it peers through smiling eyes containing a plan..The battle might even be over between human kind,but the true war of the living will still unwind and in time only we will see, what was meant to be, the way things should live..

the inevitable

Sitting in the corner against the wall...Her mind Tired of running..It starts to crawl..She cries inside as the anger grows..The silence screaming its echoeing blows..A single tear rolls down her face..Disappearing without a trace..The glossy look in her eyes..She dies inside a slow demise..Her lips are blue, cold as ice...Her life..A motionless device..Her snow white skin starts to fade, to a mixture of white and jade.She is inside us all, when we rise or when we fall.the feeling stays, its there for good,the shaded person under a hood.

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