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D. Hacker warning.(3)

We hav 2 words 2 say to hackers. F**k off.

(artists impression of a known hacker) b4 decidin 2 do my own logo, u may hav noticed i had originally asked scotspaul 2 do it 4 me. U may also kno that he has been havin probs with hackers posing as him 2 gain access 2 wapsite login details. The latest attempt by the hacker was on this site. I received an email on 01/05/04 from claimin 2 b paul. He told me a story bout how his pc got a virus and he had lost my login details, wantin me 2 send them 2 him again. Wot i did send him was 10 emails in a row sayin f**k off hacker w***er. I didnt however extend him the courteousy of puttin the *s in. The 1st giv away was the email addy. Pauls is There was another flaw in his story which i wont give away, in case he reads this and changes it.
And the story goes on...
Havin received my 10 delightful emails he wrote back again 2 tell me i was very smart and most ppl fell for the story. He told me he currently has control of 10 sites that paul was helpin. He also told me he is settin up a hacksite and asked me not 2 tell any1 bout him, especially scotspaul. Yeah rite, as u can c i am following his instructions to the letter. lol.
And as a matter of interest, he signed off with
feel free to xpress ur feelins on site or email I trust scotspaul with my site login, u can 2. But do not fall foul of these lowlife scum hackers, they r abortion rejects with no real friends or caring family who live such sad and depraved lives that deletin or destroyin sites made by committed wappers (who hav put so much time and effort in2 their sites) is the hi lite of their otherwise uneventful day. Its obvious these twats hav never and will never achieve any goals in life, thats y they hav 2 resort 2 destroying other ppls good work, U SAD BA***RDS. If u r a hacker, pls f**k off and die. U r not welcome in this site or on wap. Go and live in the shit that u create and give us normal ppl peace. For advice...

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