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I will release info on this line about upcoming events and releases by square- enix informed or remain ignorant...
Final Fantasy XIII will run on the "White Engine",a proprietary engine built for Square Enix's next-gen games.The game was originally planned for the PlayStation 2 but was later moved to the PlayStation 3 after the development team discovered the power of the platform. Main character of is a girl who wields a gun that can be transformed into a blade.combat system appears to also feature a limit break system called Overclock. A circular meter on the top right corner fills up as the character fights, which puts the character in Overclock mode and she is engulfed in a blue aura.The trailer also shows that unlike the previous Final Fantasy series, Final Fantasy 13 will be more action-oriented. Player will be able to move the heroine around the field during battle and the battle menu will be real-time, similar to the one in Final Fantasy 11 and 12,released around July 2007 (GUNBLADE PIC=)
19.07.2006 05:34 EDT,
Square Enix, Inc. the publisher of Square Enix? interactive products in North America, and Amp'd Mobile, the first fully integrated mobile entertainment company, today announced the debut of DIRGE of CERBERUS?: LOST EPISODE? -FINAL FANTASY VII-. Japan's leading 3D mobile game will be available exclusively on Amp'd mobile handsets Summer 2006. The game will be available for download at Amp'd ( of CERBERUS: LOST EPISODE -FINAL FANTASY VII- tells the story three years after Meteorfall, where the original FINAL FANTASY VII ended, with Vincent Valentine struggling to save the world from the evil Deepground Soldiers, a mysterious army of bloodthirsty soldiers. This action/role-playing game will take advantage of all mobile gaming has to offer, allowing players to explore a sprawling world in Battlefield mode, and battle the Deepground Soldiers in FPS battle mode. Familiar features from FFVII, such as materia and limit break attacks, can also be utilized by Vincent to smash his foes.The title will initially release a single player mode, with a multiplayer function launching at a later date. While more details have yet to be announced, the multiplayer mode will offer online head-to-head action with other Amp'd Mobile players. All of this takes place over the mobile network.
13.07.2006 04:03 EDT, fantasy 12 info pics below and here...judge= Vaan Ashe picture=
13.07.2006 03:07 EDT,
hero Vaan (17) and heroine Ashe (19). Vaan lives in the Damaska Kingdom, which has been captured by the Arcadia Empire. Vaan has a personal connection to the conquest of the Kingdom by the Empire in that he lost his family to the Empire. He dreams of becoming an air pirate and one day earning his own ship so that he can escape the empire. What an attractive pair. Ashe, meanwhile, is the princess of the Damaska Kingdom. Seeing as how her father the King was killed at the hands of the Empire, she's the only heir to the throne. She's been missing since the end of the war that her Kingdom lost to the Empire. She forms a resistance group in order to take on the empire, meeting Vaan along the way. Of course, characters from FF games of old will make an appearance in FFXII. According to Matsuno, characters you expect to be in the game will be there. This will include a Cid character and the Moogles, although once again the Moogles are designed differently from previous titles in the series. Initially, the Moogles apparently looked a bit scary, commented Matsuno. In addition to taking place in the same world as Tactics, FFXII has one other big feature from that game: Judges. In Tactics, the Judge characters were a special group of Knights who promoted law and order by overseeing battles and penalizing those who disobeyed the rules. In FFXII, the Judge characters form a group of "Knights of Terror" and serve as an adversary to Ashe and Vann. A Judge character can be seen in the logo artwork for the game, pictured to the right
13.07.2006 02:38 EDT,
grandia 3 has been launched!! the story...Yuki has idolized the legendary pilot Schmidt since he was a young boy and has been trying to build his own ever since. Loving the freedom of flight, he dreams of one day leaving his small island and reaching the mainland.In the woods not far away, Alfina rides alone on a horse-drawn carriage. She is a Communicator, one of the few who can speak with the Guardians, gods that protect the world. She is hurrying to a temple to take the place of her brother, Emelious. Resentment of his obligated duty as a Communicator has turned Emelious into a cruel and vi...
20.03.2006 05:12 EST,

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