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Nigerian Music industry

Over time, people begin to desire
new ways of doing things. That's
because people are becoming
enlightened, and as is so often
the old ways of doing things too
primitive and uncomfortable.
Sometimes it's just that people
are tired, do old things and the
desire for some of the boredom.
It is change for the same reason
that music must evolve or to
deal with these changes in what
you want to overcome. If that
happens, there is a risk get
musical style of the old Left.
Where new forms invented,
people face the danger of losing
his own musical identity. In
Jamaica, the reggae music,
has not given up. Just developed.
So, if you listen to today's forms
of Jamaican music, which is still
the elements that bind them to
hear the traditional styles such
as Ska, Rude Boys, Rock Steady
can and the tip of the roots of
Jamaican music and culture
that the axis of " Island of the
CaribbeanMusic> In the U.S. it is
still easy, the connections
between old styles and
understand what prevails today.
This means that the music is, as
it never relinquished. You only
gradually over time. This also
applies to South Africa and
Central Africa as Makossa music
and sukooz. From here, the
music has remained a part of
life for people in these parts of
the world.
In Nigeria, it is difficult to say
that this is true. Nigeria
hassome of the richest forms
of music known throughout the
world. These are, of course,
Highlife, Juju and Fuji. Musical
evolution has been forgotten,
but at some point in the history
of the industry. Instead of
evolving Nigerian music seemed
experienced jumps have so that
you can not draw a connection
between that time and played
what happening now. This has
resulted in near extinction of
these genres of Nigerian music
An octogenarian survivorsHighlife
musician,the Rolling Dollar, said
once that the comatose state
of highlife music was caused by
civil war between 1967 and 1970.
That's doubtful. Highlife
musicians still just the same old
thing, without playing, and this is
largely responsible for the
condition of music were close to
death as people became more
educated and lifestyles changed,
the music does not change with
the evolving culture. Sun fans of
the Nigerian musicbegan to look
outward, to the satisfaction of
the music. At the time, disc just
arrived at your finger tips.
To determine the development
of highlife music demands to
produce a modern version of
which a careful study of the
music elements on the
primitive sound of the music
and then refining your musical
needs to identify needs of today.
Music is an evolving process and
not an event. This is due to
changing lifestyles forever, and
because the musicis an
extension of the culture of the
people has to change. Only then
will people relate hard with the
music and the music that
dripped on to future generations.

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