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stop porn culture - Newest pictures

§ How to Overcome an Addiction to Porn §

¤<<+>>¤ STEPS TO BE TAKEN ¤<<+>>¤
=>> Recognize that porn is especially more addictive than most bad habits because of the hormonal influences within you, and therefore you will only break the habit if you truly want to and are willing to work at it.
=>> Make note of your source of porn. Is it the internet? A DVD collection? See step four.
=>> Put space between you and your source, for example: put your computer in a family room rather than in your bedroom. You can also block your frequently-visited sites by editing your hosts file on a Windows system editing hosts file. If you are using Windows Vista or 7, you can ask somebody to block porn using parental controls or download some high security third party blocker.
=>> Get rid of what you have! Scratch DVDs with a pen or paperclip before throwing them away. Tear up magazines. Delete the files and empty the trash.
=>> Take note of the situations that tempt you the most and also put space between you and them. If it is certain music or video game, put it away for a while. You may need to steer clear of the pool with the lovely sunbathing ladies or young handsome men for a few weeks. You will probably be able to go back to normal once you break your addiction.
=>> Start a new good habit to replace the porn habits you have ritualized.
=>> It can also help to track your progress. For every day that you go without it, make a mark on the calendar. Try to keep a long string of marks.
=>> Reward yourself after meeting a milestone - a month, six months, a year.
=>> Give yourself positive internet things to do. Join a forum about something, fill your bookmarks with pointless games to play when you feel tempted.
=>> If by any chance you fall into a relapse of porn or something else, do not punish yourself for having no self control as this will only hurt your confidence and make you more prone for next time, ban use of the computer or internet or whatever your pornography source for several days
=>> Stay away from friends that may tend to provoke you to watch and see any pornographic material
=>> Cut down your computer use. You won't be as tempted without the computer. Try not to use it at night.
=>> If you still have a problem, talk to your school counselor or a psychologist/medical doctor. If you are a religious person, it may be helpful to talk to the member of the clergy to get help. You might have some type of disability such as ADHD, bipolar, or Asperger's Syndrome that may prevent you from having the social skills to get a girlfriend/have sex in real life. Certain medications, especially for ADHD could increase your addiction for pornography. This may be a sign of depression.

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