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Human breasts


emale breasts have evolved to do much more than feed the children. Women's breast have two well-defined purposes:
(1) To nurse offspring.
(2) To signal she is a woman.

An eight hundred pound gorilla and other large mammals have much smaller breasts than human females, yet, the animals feed their young very satisfactorily.
All primate females, except humans, are flat-chested until the female is producing milk for her new-born baby.
Moreover, the human female breasts remain protuberant and change little in overall size after the child stops nursing because the breasts contain approximately 4% of the body's fat. Although the primary purpose of breasts is for feeding the offspring, human female breasts do not need to be as large as they are generally. The reason for being unnecessarily large comes from their second purpose.

A secondary purpose for women's breasts appears to be sexual.
Large breasts are generally more sexually appealing to men, and also served as a species and gender identifier for the past several million generations. Women's larger than necessary breasts can most likely be blamed on men's ancestors' consistent preference for that hemispherical shape in numerous places on women's body, such as the buttocks, shoulders, and cheeks. This rounded shape was prized and selected for through natural selection by most ancient men as well as modern men. Women throughout history with these male-preferred characteristics were in higher demand and undoubtedly had more offspring.

It is obvious that women today recognize the value of breasts as signals of femininity.
A multimillion dollar breast enhancement industry is thriving. Since 1963, silicon gel implants have been used to provide women with perfectly shaped hemispherical breasts. This fact says much about how many women feel inadequate because of their small breast size or shape. Furthermore, in recent times it has become fashionable to surgically enhance even lips, checks, and buttocks to make them appear more rounded.

One of the reasons men may be so attracted to women's breasts is chemical.
There are apocrine glands around the breast nipple, as well as under the arms and in the pubic area, that secrete erotic odors. These feminine odors cause men's brains to release an avalanche of male sex hormones that make men feel strong, pain-free, and excited. (Is it coincidence that women have two breasts and men have two hands?)

If two breasts are good, are more better? About one in every 200 women has a third breast, and even more rarely: four. The most in medical records were 5-pairs on a French woman in 1886. These extras are seldom more than a small nipple or a fat mound, much like a young girl's breasts just developing. Extra breasts are evidence of DNA still hanging around from our animal ancestors who gave birth to litters.

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