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Wormholes?? Are they for real? Just theory? A hole in space-time to go anywhere in the past or futur? Time travel? Are you kidding me?
Science... Fiction? Would man someday discover the way to travel into time?
Can man create a wormhole to fulfill his desire of conquering time?
The Einstein-Rosen bridge...

A hypothetical "tunnel" connecting two different points in spacetime in such a way that a trip through the wormhole could take much less time than a journey between the same starting and ending points in normal space. Wormholes arise as solutions to the equations of Einstein' s general theory of relativity when they are applied to black holes. In fact, they crop up so often and easily in this context that some theorists are encouraged to think that real counterparts may eventually be found or fabricated and, perhaps, used for faster-than-light travel and time travel.

The theory of wormholes goes back to 1916, shortly after Einstein published his general theory, when Ludwig Flamm, an obscure Viennese physicist, looked at the simplest possible theoretical form of black hole – the Schwarzschild black hole – and discovered that Einstein's equations allow a second solution, now known as a white hole, that is connected to the black hole entrance by a spacetime conduit.2 The black hole "entrance" and white hole "exit" could be in different parts of the same universe or in different universes. In 1935, Einstein and Nathan Rosen further explored the theory of intra- or inter-universe connections in a paper1 whose purpose was to try to explain fundamental particles, such as electrons, in terms of spacetime tunnels threaded by electric lines of force. This gave rise to the formal name Einstein-Rosen bridge for what the physicist John Wheeler would later call a "wormhole" (he also coined the terms "black hole" and "quantum foam"). Wheeler's 1955 paper3 discusses wormholes in terms of topological entities...

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