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You know, no matter how long you think you've known a person, certain people never cease to amaze you.

I know this girl, the same age as me, and we've been friends since 9th grade. That makes it about 15 years give or take. We've been through everything together. School, dropping out, drugs, alcohol, boys, friends, name it. The difference between us is that i've always thought of her as my best friend. Even if we didn't talk for two years, she was still my best friend. She's never told me that i'm her best friend although i just assumed i was because of all we've been through.

So, over the years we've each had our share of troubles. I've done my best to ALWAYS be there for her when i could. When her home burnt down i brought food to her and her mother, even though at the time i had little money and was homeless. I've bought food and milk for her family, given her cigarettes, paid for her to go out when she was broke, helped her through break ups, assured her that she's better then him, bought her son presents, bought her presents, stuck up for her....i could go on and on. I've never ONCE said anything about what i've done for her, never thrown it in her face, never asked for anything back but friendship.

Throughout the years i've also let certain things go that might have caused an argument. I'll admit, i haven't let everything go, but most. There were the few times she slept with x boyfriends of mine, i let those times go. Then the times i'd go visit another friend and find out that she had been talking shit about me. I let those times go. Or the times when i've started talking to a guy and she jumps in there with an "i like him." I've let that go many times. She's the type of girl that if there's five guys in the room she wants all or any of them. God forbid she not be the one they talk to. Then, i always wondered why all of a sudden her mother didn't like me anymore. Turns out that the crazy stuff she was doing, was being blamed on me. I didn't find that out until last year when her mother said something like "..i always thought you were a devil but now i see you are the angel....." even though her mother was also saying things about me behind my back. Which my friend admitted to me finally after being confronted about it. Oh, then there was the time i paid a baby sitter so that me and her could hang out for my birthday. So, i get ready and call her up. She says, "Sorry, i'm gonna go and hang at Sue's house because at least there i can smoke and drink for free." What a friend right? I'm so sorry i'm not a pothead anymore.

She's accused me of stealing her boyfriend, potential boyfriend, friends, accused me of talking about her behind her back, about listening to others talk about her behind her back, of never caring about her, and the list goes on. It's like i'm good enough when she wants something or someone to talk to but after that, fuck her!

The other night we were supposed to go out to the bar. I've been to the bar before and waited for her to show up and finally gone home because of how late it was. Her excuse is that before she can leave her house, she has to put her son to bed. The reason i say it's an excuse is because it seems that when she goes out with other people she's out the door and ready to go asap. She's 27 years old, lives with her mom and son, but yet says she can't go out without asking her mother first. Ok. And the thing is, i was fine with all this. I'd wait until whenever she was ready to go out. So anyway, I'm waiting; we're texting as she's supposedly putting her son to bed. I told her i was taking a headache pill and waiting for it to kick in so i'd be good to go when she was ready. I get a text from her at about 10:40 PM talking about how she thought her son was asleep but he's not, yada yada. Ok. So i'm laying down and apparently fall asleep. I get up the next AM and have three texts from her starting at 1:04 AM. They are talking about how she's so sick of life, gonna cut her arms, tired of it all. Then a text about how i'm ignoring her and not really her friend. Then a text about deleting my number, etc. So, i text her right back asking if she's all right. No answer. She ignores me for three days. I Text her again asking her if she's done ignoring me yet. After that it all went to hell. She doesn't believe i was sleeping, it was all a conspiracy, i gave her an attitude, i never cared about her, she never wants to talk to me again, etc.... so i says something along the lines of "but if i was Crystal this would be another story" and she flips out on me.

Let me explain "Crystal." Never met her, don't want to. They've been friends for a couple of years i think; and according to my friend, she's a real scumbag. She's done things to my friend that i'm not even gonna put on here because they are so disgusting and horrible that only a piece of shit would do things like that. Now remember, i only know of this from my friend telling me. So Crystal did this one horrible thing that was actually criminal, and she should have gone to jail for it. Any other person would have. Now even though she did this thing to my friend, my friend is still friends with her. The reason why, she says, is because she owes her $95. Bullshit! Anyone ever did to me what that girl and her boyfriend did to my friend, they be knocked the fuck out, then i'd report it, get a fucking restraining order, and stay the fuck away. So back to my story.

Anyway, after i sent the text about Crystal, she starts flipping out. "i hope it happens to you!" she says. Even though i wasn't even talking about what happened to her, she assumed i was. All i asked was why in the hell was she still talking to that douchebag. And I'M the one getting hell for it. So, i get about 40 more texts insulting me, calling me names, wishing shit upon me, etc. I answered back and i'll tell you what, after all that shit, i wasn't polite about it. And to tell you another thing, i really didn't give a fuck at that point!! So that's how it ended. It's only been a few days but i decided to put this up because my friend, i mean, some girl, comes on this site and has a pic of me up on one of her pages (she's not on my friends list anymore). Next to my pic she put "evil on 2 legs" or something like that. I bet she thinks she's funny. But i hope she reads this and sees exactly what shes put ME through over the past 15 years. It's always about her....poor me, i hate my life, i don't want to work, i want to live with my mom for the rest of my life, i'm sick of getting my heart broken by these online fantasy men, how come i can only get old, ugly men in real life. Why am i broke, can't even afford toilet paper cause i spent my money on weed, i'm never having another kid, and people wonder why i don't go out much (bullshit), blah, blah, blah, BLAHHHHHHHHH. ALL THE FUCKING TIME!!!!!!! SHUT THE FUCK UP AND CHANGE YOUR LIFE!!!!!! NO ONE CAN DO IT BUT YOU! I bitch about my life but only about one thing, men! I'm sick and tired of being the one made to feel like shit. I did NOTHING!!!!!! This is all over me fucking sleeping because i actually work and get up at 6:30 AM, so 10:30 PM is the time i go to bed every night! If you didn't dick me around all the time maybe this shit wouldn't happen!!!! Don't want to go out, say so. Mother won't "let" you, say so.

I want to hear from the people that read this. Send me a message. What's your opinion on this???? Is it worth having a friend like this??? And just think, this isn't even all of it!!!!! Let me know!

P.S. No, i'm not taking the page does it feel.

Since i've been asked to take this down, and i refuse, i figured i may as well update it. I think i'll add some other fucked up things this girl has done to me so that you that she has "poor me'd" might understand part of my anger....

How about this one.....when i was 8 months pregnant she let her other friend and my boyfriend at the time sleep together at her house numerous times...what a great friend, huh. Then after that she set the other girl up so she could catch a beating from me....even better friend. And just the other day, we were out with a guy friend, i said to her "do you want to get dropped off first or last" she says "i don't give a fuck guy" with a nasty fucking attitude for no reason at all. Even though it would have been simpler for me to drop her off first, cause the other friend lived on my way home, i dropped her off last. Then i even went back to bring her her stupid fucking toilet paper (no weed?) after she left it in my car. Which, i brought her to go get at 11 PM at night after i waited all fucking night for her to get ready to go out. Wonderful. Then there was the time we met some strange guy on the corner near her bro's house and she invited him inside. She told her brother that he was my friend so that if he got mad, it would be at me. Not that she even cares about her brother. She doesn't even care about her niece. "I don't give a fuck about that kid" she said. "He never came to see my son." Great attitude to have! Take it out on a baby why don't you!......

I'm gonna stop now because as i type i just get more and more fucking disgusted....

...and by the way....her name isn't's Jolene!

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