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OZYSPICE (Helvijs Ozoliņš) or: DJ - OZYSPICE / OZYSPICE OS / OFFICIAL OZ / Spaghetti / DJ - LEX etc...

Is a dj and a producer, and a producer from Latvia. (City of Limbaži)

Born in 22nd june of 1993. He has liked music and especially club music since early 2000's. But only in about year 2007/2008 he first started to try to make some music by himself. Inspired in hes that time favourite artist: Dj - Tiesto he started with the trance music. Hes first experience in music was just editing and mixing up some tunes on Virtual Dj but thein he felt passion on making some music on hes own, so he fund out about the FL studio software for producers so he started to train and made few demo songs. But after hes dissatisfaction of the songs quality, he destroyed those and took a break. But after few months he was back on track with some skills from previous trainings and a new inspiration. Hes new songs were mutch better, that was the first time he even put some lyrics in hes songs and it was a major cucsess. After making many great songs like: Dreams ; Dance with me & more... he got tired, because it was mutch more complicated to make a song with lyrics, than 'just music' tracks he was used to make. After making hes first songs and recording them in a cd, he started to take things more serious and staged himself as: DJ - LEX but only localy. The key of hes cucsess in msic making was the passion for music, and not for money or fame. But after some time he got some fame tough. Hes biggest moment in music life, was attending as DJ at a club named: Multiklubs in regional capitalcity of Valmiera. And this experience made he to realize that he likes to be heard, so he wanted to get instant fame, but sudden hes PC (wich was all hes studio) broke down and he lost many recordings & software, so he felt like there was no point in contiuning this 'Hobby'no more. So he decided to quit. (2008/2009)

But in the mean time, he's brother was making some internet websites, and was hes only fan. After uploading some of DJ-LEX's songs on the internet, they were suprising sucsesful and after Ozyspice fund out about it, he realised that is time to get back on the track. With hes brothers help, he made hes own website, and returned to the 'game' with a new stagename: Official OZ, but after realising that adwertising is a hard work, he failed to become famous and returned to just making music. After little help of hes brother, who had adwertised the homepage, he decided to upgrade hes stagename to OZYSPICE. (2011) And after hard work of adwertising and making new music + uploading some tracks of hes past, it was a major cucsess, so he was sure to be heard around the world. From hes homeland of Latvia, till Scandinavia and westen Europe, and from Europe to Aisa and from there to even America. Of course, only a few peapole from each country listened to hes songs, but every little counts, because togeather these listenings and watches on Youtube bringed 100s of vievs and 10s of downloads, wich growe to 1000s of views and 100s of downloads and keeps growing. (2012)

By the time he had even hes facebook fan page with about 1000 fans, and many daily song downloads worldwide, he had so many other busineses like scholl etc, that he just had no time for making music no more. He felt like he has done all that he could, and reached the highest pah of hes music carrer. So he stopped to make new music again. (2013) And as hes brother contiuned studies, he had no time to do all the job on hes own and it stopped...

(2014) In the free time of summer hes brother retreved some old & unpublished songs from the times of DJ-lex And kept uploading them on the internet, so the fan-base wouldn't die, but after 2 years of silince (2015) Ozyspice, said that he wouldn't contiune making new songs anymore. But he left hes brother some hes old cds with many unpublished songs as a 'legacy' of the old days. And after these songs was uploaded, Ozyspice suddenley came out with a news that he is back, and even released few new tracks, but after that, he has finished hes studies, he won't see hes brother that often anymore to contiune publishing new songs, is he really back or not, is just a guess, how many times will this circle go on, but in the mean time, hes brother is going to keep adwertise all songs that he has collected, so this music and the artist is to be remembered 4ever...

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