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<+>Fight for your blessings<+>

Fight for your blessings

Main point: God expects us to come to The under any circumstances, especially when it comes to fighting for your blessings.

Reference: 1 Samuel 30

Brief history of the Amalekites.

Jehovah was enraged against Amalek, and said that He would have war with Amalek from generation to generation. (Exodus 17:6)

Israel battled Amal'ekites against, as they tried to prevent the passage through its territory. (Deuteronomy 25:17-19)

Later the Israelites faced the Amalekites under the orders of their first King, Saul, whom God had ordered him to exterminate them all because God did not want either a Amalekites in the promised land. But the king disobeyed God, captured the king of the Amalekites and took it to the best of livestock. This is the way in which King Saul was rejected by God as king. (1 Samuel 15)

David was chosen as the successor to King Saul, but not before going through many tests before claiming his throne.

This sermon deals with one of the last battles of David before being proclaimed king.

1 When David and his men came to Siclag the third day of the Amalek had invaded the Negev and Siclag, and Siclag and had befallen him on fire.

2 and had taken captive the women and all who were there, from the smallest to the largest, but nobody had been killed, but that they had been taken to follow his path.

3 Wine, then, with David theirs to the city, and behold, it was burned, and their wives and their sons and daughters had been taken captive.

4 Then David and the people who were with him raised his voice and wept, until they lacked the strength to mourn.

5 The two women from David, and Abigail Ahinoam jezreelita which was the wife of Nabal from Caramel, were also held captive.

6 And David was much anguish, because the people spoke of stoning, since the whole village was in bitterness of soul, each for his sons and his daughters, but David was strengthened in the Lord your God.

7 And the priest said David Abiatar son Ahimelec: I beg you to the efod from me. And Abiatar approached the efod David.

8 And David consulted the Lord, saying: shall do these marauders? Will be able to achieve? And he told him: Follow it, because certainly will achieve it, and certain books of the captives.

I want to stop here and discuss some aspects of the life of David so far.

1. David follows his own understanding to leave the territory of the Philistines. The Bible makes no mention of David asking God for direction this action to be taken.

He concentrates on his enemy King Saul who pursued day and night, said in his heart that when the king will realize that he has left the country, he will not seek more, and that's what happens when the king is Considering that David is no longer in the territory. (1 Samuel 27) Stay between the Philistines 1 year and 4 months.

2. David is rejected by the Philistines when they were preparing to fight against King Saul. (1 Samuel 29)

3. David and his followers are stolen by the Amalekites.

4. David is blamed for his misfortune of its people.

5. David remembers her God and her query.

6. David obeys.

9 departed, then, David, he and the six men who were with him, and reached the torrent of Besora, where he stayed a few.

10 And David went ahead with four men stayed behind because they are two hundred, who were unable to pass the weary torrent of Besora.

Unlike David, 200 men prefer to stay in the stream Besora, are tired to rescue their wives and their children, they focus on their own needs at that time. Remember that they had taken 3 days to reach the camp that found on fire and looted.

My question is: how many have come to the creek Besora? and how many there are at present among us who are too tired to fight for their wives, their children, who live in the city, for their work? How many are tired of doing favors and have decided: no more, forget it all?. Is not the church Besora the stream where we find such people?

However, we have identified these people in the stream Besora. What will we do with them? Do humiliate them? Do the abuse? Should we laugh at them? Or, leave the rest? Or on the contrary, we will do as Jesus with his disciples? He told them: "Come ye apart to a deserted place and rest a little. (Mark 6:31)

Or this: "Come to Me all who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. (Matthew 11:28)

David continues with 400 men after the Amalekites. 200 men were left in the Arroyo Besora. David allowed them to stay there.

How many knew they had a fight? 200? ¿400? Or is the 600? Of course I knew that the 600 had a fight ahead, but 400 is not diverted from their purpose; 400 of the 600 put to one side, the self, and were henceforth to rescue what they had been stolen, their wives, their children, their identity and even so it was not for them, rescuing what they belonged to the 200 who remained in the stream Besora. So if you're in the torrent Besora, you're listening to me, is that not only will have to wage a battle, need reinforcement with renewed energy for the next battle. Certainly this was the last battle of David before becoming king, but was not the last of his life.

11 And they found in the Egyptian countryside to a man, who came to David, and gave him bread and ate, and gave him water to drink.

David obeyed, went in search of what they lost, as the Lord had told him, yet he continued with 400 men, placing confidence in him but no longer in the Lord, I had no idea that David had followed the path Amalekites, but God puts a track on the road, an Egyptian in the way.

I want you to notice it, David had haste, urgency of finding what was stolen, but he stops to do well this man, you eat and drink and when he is recovered when it is interrogated and to the surprise of it is David who it leads to the opposition camp to regain the lost.

18 And David escaped all that the Amalekites had taken, and also to their freedom David two women.

19 And do not miss anything, big or small, and of children and daughters, theft, and all the things they had taken all of David recovered.

20 And David returned to the stream Besora.

21 And David came to two hundred men who had been tired and had not been able to keep David, who had left in the torrent of Besora; and they came out to welcome David and the people who were with him. And when David came to the people greeted them with peace.

22 Then all the evil and wicked from among those who had gone with David, answered and said: Why were not with us, not give them the loot they have taken away, but to each his wife and children, that were taken and go.

23 And David said: Do not do it, my brothers, what the Lord has given us, who has saved us and has handed in our power to the marauders who came against us.

24 And who will hear this case? Because according to the portion of that comes down to the battle, and has to be the party's left with the baggage; them play equal part.

Let us return to our Besora Besora our Church, where as we mentioned, there are people tired, about to leave everything, not to go ahead one more day to rescue his marriage, his children, not to try one more day to make that connection with your loved to work, because they are tired of fighting and do the things that are better at your job, about to throw in the towel.

It is not in your time that God gives you victory, God will do it at the right time, not before or after.

Who among us knows that our adversary the devil as a roaring lion, walks about seeking whom to devour? (1 Peter 5:8)

How many of us know of this battle? Please raise your hand.

In the next question that I will not please raise your hand, the intention is not to embarrass those who are in the stream Besora.

How many attend each Wednesday to call? Do not raise your hand. At the vigil last Friday, 19. To educate children on the right track, in Sunday school, and so on.

The Bible says: Because we do not fight against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the governors of the darkness of this century, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly regions. (Ephesians 6:12)

Or do you believe that they shall say: "We will go to the battlefront to fight and recover what is mine and what yours, because as you do not mind, I will import less to me.

Let me say to those who rest in the creek Besora that the Church opted to go into battle so they have been stolen, every Wednesday we go to the battlefront, and like David, our God has told us that go and rescue some of the lost, what I like and what you, and even more.

Do you feel tired? Besora rests in the stream. Do you feel strong? Do not despise the tired, let it rest in the torrent Besora, is not that one day you come to the torrent Besora and relax a bit.

The Bible does not say, but I think that the 200 men who stayed in the torrent Besora after David treated with mercy, they became more brave warriors he has had.

Be obedient when God tells you that pelees the good fight (1 Timothy 1:18), although that does not know the way to go, God will put a track on the road. Just as God gave David an Egyptian in the way, I put a Puerto Rican, which indicated to me the way to Betel. Now you and I need to be guides in the way of others, and indicating the right path.

I urge you to go to the God of love, the God of Mercy, the only God, the creator of heaven and earth, at all times, even after they have relied on your own understanding. The King David did not reject. The do not reject yourself.

The word of God says: But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you. (Matthew 6:33)

Author: Edwin Funes

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