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<+>The loss of the glory of God<+>

The loss of the glory of God is the worst misfortune that could happen to Israel, and unfortunately is the worst that can happen to the Church.

1 Samuel 4:17-22: "And the messenger replied: Israel fled before the Philistines, and also made great carnage in the village, and your two children, and ofni Finees were killed, and the ark of God was taken. And that happened when he made mention of the ark of God, Eli fell backwards in the chair next to the door, and desnucó and died because it was old man and heavy. And he had judged Israel forty years. And his daughter Finees's wife, who was pregnant, near delivery, hearing the rumor that the ark of God was taken, and killed his stepfather and her husband, bent and gave birth, because their pain was suddenly sobrevinieron . And while dying, he said those who were with her: Have no fear, because you have given birth to a son. But she did not respond, or it was understood. And he called the child Icabod (* this is, " without glory "), saying: transferred is the glory of Israel for having taken the ark of God, and the death of her stepfather and her husband. 22 He thus: Transfer is the glory of Israel, because it has been taken the ark of God. "

We have read this passage is set at the end of the judges, a dark period in which Israel tried to judges as Samson, who did not have sufficient revelation of God to lead the people on the right path.

At the end of this dark period we find a man called Eli, who is currently in the reading we have done, was already an old man. Shortly above tells us that he had ninety-eight years. This was the judge, the highest authority in Israel. But in his old age, his two sons, and ofni Finees had been corrupted, had corrupted the priesthood, had reached such a state that God was tired of cope. And at that moment God called Samuel, still a child.

Quito is the glory of Israel

We all know that story. However, before Samuel began his ministry, we find it-you episode. The Philistines captured the ark and this creates a series of news descalabros, including the death of Eli himself. In the battle had died and her two children here are women, one who was pregnant, gives birth. Cried the woman reaches a word, the name that was finally brought this child. This exclamation: "Icabod" reflects very well what it meant for them the loss of the ark.

The Ark was the cabinet which was contained in the testimony of God. There was manna was the rod of Aaron and were the tables of the law but in fact the most important of the ark that these objects were not contained, it was the glory of God. The presence of God descended on the cabinet, on the mercy that was covered, because there every time the animals were slaughtered once a year, God descended, looking for blood and there was at that time, for that blood, forgiveness of sins of the people.

The Ark was where God lived. The ark was a place in a very holy, holy, built according to specifications that God gave Moses the Law ark was the symbol of God's presence and glory of God.

Each time the people had problems with the chest, they felt safe, because God was with them. When they had to cross the Jordan, God's instructions were clear: the ark should be on the shoulders of the priests for the people to pass dry. If the ark was there, the waters were to stop. It was the first great miracle witnessed the people of Israel with the ark.

However, the days had passed, times had changed. Israel began to move away from God, began to fill the sins of idolatry. And here is where the battle against the Philistines, they said: "Bring the ark. If the ark is with us on the battlefield, the enemy will flee. It's an assured victory for us." They did well. However, they did not occur as expected.

Although the chest when he was a big noise, then, that the earth quaked, and the Philistines were bewildered, the Philistines defeated the Israelites, the Ark and took it away.

That was the worst news he could be an Israeli, and that was the news that caused the death of Eli, and the quick delivery of the woman who gave birth. They are not concerned so much death and ofni Finees, or Eli or women. The greatest impact of the loss of the ark. Get the glory of Israel!

What can the people of the presence of God when God is removed? If God is in the center, if he is the reason that people there if that is what God is the guide, which leads him, who defends it, which helps you, what is it that people without your God?

Because of their sin of apostasy, Israel lost ark. However, we read the following chapters to find that God, in His grace, in his mercy, he defended his own testimony, and he attacked the Philistines with cancerous tumors, with a great uneasiness in his heart, so they were forced to return the ark. No human hand could recover: God made the same return. Those were the days that God still had mercy on his people and he comes out in defense of his testimony. He still believes that the people of Israel still deserves to have his testimony and his glory in their midst.

Another time, but the same loss

However, moving more in the Scriptures, and came to the book of Ezekiel. I invite you to go to Ezekiel chapter 10. Here are the people of Israel in another era, another historic juncture. And here is that the people of God again lost glory, has lost God's presence.

The title that appears in this version of the Bible (the King James) said: "The glory of God leaves the temple."

What might happen, what may have happened to the glory of God left the temple, the place of his room, the holy place where he had abode in this temple located in the middle of Jerusalem, the holy city? What have happened to the glory of God leave the temple? After this chapter 10 we find only desolation and destruction. Came the Babylonians, Nebuchadnezzar and his armies, and the glory of God left the temple, the temple was destroyed and burned. It became a ruin, the temple and the entire city. Those who once had been praised by all nations, the city came to be admired instead of a disgrace and shame.

The causes of loss

The reasons for this are found in Chapter 8. Ezekiel received captive in Babylon, in the sixth year of being there ... He says he was at home with the elders of Judah, also captives, and then the Lord took him and took him to Jerusalem vision to show what was the reason the reason why God had decided to withdraw its glory, that Instead, why because God had decided to bring trial on Jerusalem and on Israel-Judah, specifically. Ezekiel said he took and brought him, as in verse 3, to Jerusalem, "at the entrance to the inside door that looks to the north, where a room with the image of the heat, which leads to jealousy" .

An idol at the entrance

Here we find the first reason for the discomfort of the Lord, the wrath of his displeasure: the entry itself, to the north, had an idol. An idol at the entrance of the temple in Jerusalem! An image, and that naturally led to jealousy to the Lord. Do not you had told him in the law, in Exodus 20 and should not create images of anything under the sky, let alone bow before them and worship them? The order was perhaps more important because it was the greatest offense that could be made towards the invisible God, to create an idol and put it in the place where God had wanted to live.

4 The verse says: "And behold, there was the glory of the God of Israel, as the vision I had seen in the field." Glory is still here. While that image is still the patience of God has waited until this moment. Continue reading in verse 5, and says: "And I said: Son of man, now your eyes upward to the side of the north. And lift my eyes to the north, and here in the north, next to the door of the altar, that image of jealousy at the entrance. I then said: Son of man, you do not see what they do, the great abominations that the house of Israel here to get away from my sanctuary? "

Asks the Lord to Ezekiel: "Can not you see what they have done?" They have built this abomination to get away from my sanctuary. " It is not God who wants to go. It is that they are removed, is that they are causing him to jealousy, you are offending in the most intimate.

The sin of the elderly

"But still turn, and you will see greater abominations. I took the entrance of the atrium, and I looked and behold a hole in the wall. And I said: Son of man, now in the cellar wall. And Delve into the wall and behold a door. He said then: Come and see the wicked abominations that they do there. I entered it, and I looked and behold, all forms of reptiles and abominable beasts, and all the idols of the house of Israel , which were painted on the wall all around. And before them were seventy men of the elders of the house of Israel, and Jaazanías son Safán in their midst, each with a censer in his hand and went up a cloud thick incense. And I said: Son of Man, have you seen the things that the elders of the house of Israel are in darkness, each in his chambers painted images, because they say: We do not see the Lord has abandoned the Lord the earth. "

Here is the second reason why God had chosen to leave their sanctuary and then remove his glory. Seventy elders ... The elderly represent the authority in Israel, the men were respectable, the wisest. They, in a number of seventy, were contemplating such a wall full of images of idols, figures and beasts Repti them abhorrent.

A lot of Ezekiel was surprised that such a call was seventy Jaazanías son Safán. Safán Thirty years ago, approximately, was one of those who had participated in the discovery of the book of the law when this finding was in the house of God, he took the book to King Josiah, and Josiah, when reading the book , are humiliated, repents and is a restoration of worship and the glory of God in Israel. That was Safán.

And now his own son is here, Jaazanías, directing the vision of those idolatrous idols painted on the walls. Can you understand how, after just thirty years, that Israel had experienced a revival of faith, a recovery of the Word, now in this apostasy? It seems difficult to accept and believe. They were in darkness, in the dark, each in their secret chambers painted images. You notice what they said: "We do not see the Lord, the Lord has abandoned the land."

When the people of God reaches that status said: "We do not see the Lord, the Lord is gone, it is not, we do what we want, we are here in this hidden camera, nobody sees us, not the Lord sees us." .. When you have reached this state of unconsciousness of the presence of God, when he refuses to contemplate that he can judge everything and everything is lost fear. "God ...

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