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<+>Follow the path that Christ is <+>

John 14:1-10

Follow the path that Christ is

John 14:1-10

"Follow the yellow road ... follow the yellow road ... Follow the yellow brick road." Well, the gnomes of the movie "The Wizard of Oz (The Wizard of Oz), it knew very well how to get to the city esmaralda right? Nothing else needs to follow the yellow path. Well, here we are not looking for the city esmaralda or want to talk with the great Wizard of Oz right? But we, as well as Dorothy, often feel alone in this world, and our desire is to find the way to our home in heaven. And then, our Lord Jesus Christ teaches us the way in the text this morning ... the text is in the Gospel of John 14:1-10 ...

Christ did not sing or dance like gnomes in the "Wizard of Oz," right? But it teaches us the way to say I am the way, the truth and the life. So, we are encouraged as well as gnomes film: They follow the path ... which is Christ. Yes, follow the path that is Christ, because the road is coming into our home in heaven, and it is the only way to reach God.

I. Because coming into our home.

Remember what happened in the "Wizard of Oz"? The young Dorothy and concerned he lost the land of Oz. And his only desire was to return to his home in Kansas right? Well, we see in the text that the disciples were worried too. We are in the night that Christ was delivered, on Holy Thursday. If you agree, the next day, Good Friday, Christ was going to die a horrible death on the cross. And then, in the verses preceding the text for this morning Christ told his disciples that he was going to leave, or he was going to die. He told them in chapter 13: My dear children, little time remains for me to be with you.

But the disciples were confused and upset because they thought that Jesus would be with them all their lives. It is understood that not right? Did not understand that Christ had to die on the cross to pay for their sins. And then, to assuage their doubts and anxious to console their souls, Christ in his mercy gave them the comfort that is found in these verses. "Do not worry ... In my Father's house there are many houses." So, there are many places in the sky, one can say that there are many departments, and places to live. And Christ was going there to prepare for each of them a place, a department in his paradise.

But before I go to prepare a place, Christ had to pay these "homes" is, these departments, because, well, the entrance to heaven is not free. In his law, God requires perfection in order to enter heaven. Demands perfection: a price that neither the disciples nor any human being can afford because of its many sins. The disciples daily sinned in thought, word and deed. For in that very evening, Judas was going to surrender to Jesus, Peter would deny three times, and all the disciples were to flee for fear of the Jews. Well, these disciples could not pay rent to live in the departments of the sky.

But God in His grace sent Jesus Christ to pay the rent, or to pay the debt that was because of their sins. When we use the word redemption, this is what we are saying is that Christ paid the debt of the sins of the world is our Redeemer. Well, two thousand years ago Christ was on the cross to suffer the wrath and punishment of God for all the sins of the world. And while hanging on that cross Christ cried with a loud voice: It is finished, or everything has been completed, and then bowed his head and died. In Greek the phrase "It is finished" is just a word, which is the same word written in debts when they were canceled. Christ the Redeemer of the world, was announcing: The debt is canceled. The rent is paid for the sky. And three days after Christ was resurrected from the dead, proving that he had won the victory over Satan, death and sin. We can say that his resurrection is the receipt, or proof that everything is paid.

And then, as the victory was won, Christ ascended into heaven, or returned to the side of his Father and to prepare a place for all his disciples. Therefore, he told them: And if I go and prepare, llevármelos come to me. So you will be where I am. Christ would return to take them to heaven. And as the angels who appeared to the disciples on the day of the ascent, and went back out. I said: This same Jesus, which has been brought to you from heaven, will come again in the same way it had to leave. What consolation is it? Christ had paid their entry into the eternal paradise, was to go to prepare a place for each, and then return in glory to bring to her new home in paradise. To think about right?

And my brothers, this is also a consolation to us that many times we walk tired and distressed in this world: In the dark night when we were alone, when faced with violence, drugs, and tribulations of this world to be sick; andalusia not think of a future course, this fact gives us comfort. Especially when we think of our many sins, because, well, we have the same problem as disciples, we sin daily in thought, word and deed. Neither one of us is always spoken of as worthy of a Son of God. Curse, lie, gossip, do not show respect for our teachers. The truth is that we can not carry the perfect life that God demands in His law, and then, we can not pay rent to live in heaven.

But Christ says: No distress. Trust God, trust also in me. Because, as we have seen, Christ had already paid the debt of all the sins of the world, including us. Our Redeemer paid the rent by dying on the cross and rise from the dead, gives us the receipt, or proof that the sky is ours. And the good thing is that rent is paid forever, never going to give us the street. And then gives us comfort that the fact that Christ is already preparing a place for each of us. Christ, the Way, will return in the end of the world to take us to our home, in our department. Look. Our department is prepared and paid for by Christ, and in the end, he will give us a ride to our home. But the sad fact is that many in this world think that other ways are better than Christ, or Christ is only one of many paths to heaven. But we see from what he says to his disciples here in the text, Christ is the only way to reach God. II. Because it's the only way to reach God.

I have a question: Have you spent in Chicago by car? Well, to go to my home in Michigan, I always have to go through Chicago, and, well, there are many roads huh? Almost always go to I-94, but there are many options: 294, 55, 10, 290, 43-but not all come to my house. It's the same when we talk about the way to heaven. The devil presents us with many ways, but there is only one who comes to God: the Way who is Jesus Christ.

And this is what I did not understand very well and Philip Thomas on that night, because they wanted to show them the way. And so Christ said to them: I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. Christ is the only way to God because Christ is God. To know Christ is to know God the Father. Well, here we are talking about the holy mystery that is the Trinity: there is only one God but three persons-the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. And then, if there is only one God, knowing Christ is to know God the Father, and to know the Father is to know Christ. And when John uses the word know means much more than "I know Pastor or Ben." It means we believe in him and know that your love personally. Through Christ, we know the love and grace of God. Is the only way to God.

But in this world, the devil gives us many other ways that seem to be good. How many religions are there in this world? Buddhism, Mormonism, Jehovah's Witnesses, and many, many more, which you say that the path to heaven depends on you, you have to be good and you have to treat the others. But that certainly cause these religions, we know very well that we are not always good right? This is the difference between true Christianity and other religions in the world any other religion will tell you that you have to do to be saved, but the true Christian say that Christ did all the way to give us salvation as a gift. But look the devil presents us with yet other ways besides religion. Tienta a muchos con los caminos que parecen ser fáciles, por el de las drogas o de la violencia o del sexo ilícito. But the outcome of all these roads is death, or that their destiny is hell. As the wise King Solomon: There are roads that seem straight man, but just because ways of death.

And then, that we follow the true path which is Christ, because he paid an entrance into heaven by his death on the cross, so our department is paid and we get the test, which is his resurrection. Also, is preparing a specific place for each of us in his paradise, and in the end, there will take us to our home. There is no other way you can do this. Then, my brothers, I say: Follow the road ... which is Christ. Amen.

Author: Andrew Schroer

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