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biblicas colimagem - Animals/Nature

Divine Sovereignty

Am I not allowed to do what I want with mine? (Matthew 20:15).
The parent says: "Am I not allowed to do what I want with mine?"
And this morning, the God of heaven and earth makes them the same question: "Am I not allowed to do what I want with mine?"

There is an attribute of God more comforting to your children that the doctrine of divine sovereignty. Under the most adverse circumstances, in the most serious setbacks, they believe that Sovereignty has ordained their afflictions, that the government and to sanctify. There is another thing that God's children to be more strongly contend for the mastery of his Lord over all creation, his "royal throne of God upon the works of his hand, and the right to sit on that throne . Moreover, there is no doctrine more hated by the mundane, no truth in such a converted football, like the great, wonderful and quite true sovereignty of the infinite Jehovah. Men will allow God to be anywhere but on his throne. Consent to find it in the workshop formed the worlds and making the stars. Will access at home you are distributing alms and charitable giving grants. We tolerate the soil and keep firm hold its pillars, or light the lamps of heaven, or rule the restless ocean, but when God ascends his throne, his creatures gnash their teeth. And when we proclaim a God enthroned and their right to do as he pleases with his own, to dispose of his creatures as you like without consulting with them, then we booed and despised, and men close their ears to our words, because a God on his throne is not the God they love. I like to contemplate anywhere but on his throne with his scepter in his hand and crown on his temples. But it is a God enthroned which we like to preach, we trust, who have sung and who speak in this conversation. However, I will highlight just a portion of the sovereignty of God, and is that which touches on the distribution of the donations. In this regard I think, not only has the right to do whatever he wants with his own, but in fact it does. Before we begin our sermon, we must recognize it as certain that all blessings are gifts from God, whom we have no right in our own right, and I think anyone who feels a little to be recognized as well.
Once accepted this, we will show that if you do what he wants with his is he is entitled to keep it all if you like, to distribute it if you prefer, to allow some and not others, or not to give anyone or give to all, as seems good to your eyes.

"Am I not allowed to do what I want with mine?"

God's gifts will divide into five classes: Temporary, saviors, honorable, useful and comforting. Of these we must say: "Am I not allowed to do what I want with mine?"

1. She began with TIME'S GIFTS. It is an indisputable fact that God in temporal things, has not distributed equally to all, not all creatures have received the same amount of fortune and position in this world. There is a difference. Notadla especially in men because of them we will deal mainly. Some are born as Saul, who "stood out above shoulder any of the people" and others will be all his life as a Zacchaeus, a man of short stature. Some have a muscular body and are physically attractive, others are weak and far from having a beautiful figure. Find many whose eyes have never enjoyed the sunshine, whose ears have never heard the music and charm of life whose lips have spoken the words intelligible or harmonious. Go into the world and find men superior to you in strength, health and figure; and lower in all these same things. Some who are here are preferred by his outward appearance to the rest of their peers, while others are left out and have nothing they can boast in the flesh. Why has God given beauty a man and not another? To one another all their senses and only part of them? Why has awakened a sense of understanding, while others are forced to have an obtuse and stubborn mind? Whatever they say the men, there can be no other answer than this: "So, Father, so be kind in your eyes." The ancient Pharisees asked, "Rabbi, who sinned this man or his parents, to be born blind?" We were not the sins of the parents or the child because he was born blind, nor is why what others have suffered similar misfortunes, but because God has acted as he has pleased in the distribution of its benefits terrestrial, thus telling the world: "Am I not allowed to do what I want with mine?" Note, also, the inequality in the distribution of intellectual gifts. Not all men are like Socrates and Plato are few, men like Bacon are very now and then, very often not given the opportunity to speak with one Isaac Newton. Some have wonderful intelligence that can unravel the great mysteries to plumb the depths of the ocean, measuring the height of the mountains, the sun analyze and weigh the stars. Others have but few reach. You can educate them and educate them, never will succeed in making them great men. It is impossible to improve what we do not have. They have no genius and you can not teach it. Anyone can see that there is an inherent difference in humans since its birth. Some with little education, are ahead of those who have been thoroughly prepared. Take two guys, educadlos in the same college, by the same teacher and the two will apply their studies with the same care, but one of them will leave behind his teammate. Why is this? Because God makes its sovereignty as much about intelligence on the body. He made us all equal, but has given variety to their gifts. A man is eloquent as Whitefleld, and other stutters even have to speak only three words in their own language. What is it that sets these marked differences between man and man? We must respond that we must attribute all to the sovereignty of God, who does what he wants with his own. Further repairs in the different conditions of men in the world. Occasionally there have been enlightened minds of men whose members have dragged the chains of slavery and whose backs have been offered to whip men with black skin, but the vastly superior understanding of their brutal masters. Also in England it is common to find scholars who live in poverty, rich and quite often ignorant and vain. Some come to this world to be wearing the imperial purple, others do not take more than their humble peasant clothing. Some have a palace to dwell and featherbed to rest, while others have only a cot and never drive them more luxurious shelter: straw roof of the cabin. If again we ask the reason for all this, the answer would remain the same: "Yea, Father, so be kind in your eyes." In your journey through life you can see in many other ways the manifestation of God's sovereignty. It gives some people a vigorous health throughout life, so you will hardly know what an indisposition, while others are hesitant to pull the world hoping to find the tomb open at every turn, living thousands of thousands of deaths a constant fear one. Some people, like Moses, that even in the last days of an extraordinarily long life have a keen eye and, although they have white hair, standing firm on his feet, as when they were young. Again we ask: what is the cause of this difference? And again the only appropriate response is: Jehovah's sovereignty. You will find that, while some are removed prematurely-life in the prime of their lives, to others it is given to reach beyond seventy-some leave before the completion the first phase of its existence, while others extend their days to fully become a nuisance. I believe that we must necessarily attribute the cause of all these differences of life to the sovereignty of God. He is King and Ruler and, do not do whatever he wants with his own? Let's leave this end of the matter, but before doing so, we must consider a little more about him. Oh, you who have been endowed with a noble figure, a beautiful body: Do not be proud of it, because your gifts from God. Do not boast, because if you do, it will disappear in a moment your whole demeanor. The flowers do not boast of their beauty and the birds sing their plumage. Daughters, envanezcáis you with your beauty, children, do not be conceited of your gallantry. And you, oh! men, powerful and intelligent, remember that everything you have you have been granted by a sovereign Lord: He created, He can destroy. Not much difference between the most enlightened minds and most helpless idiot: penetrating minds border on insanity. Your brain may be disrupted at any time, and henceforth be sentenced to life in dementia. Do not jactéis of your knowing, because even the smallest knowledge you possess has been given. So I say, do not greatly enaltezcáis but used for His glory the gifts God has given you, because they are real gifts that you can not refuse. If the Sovereign Lord has given you a talent, and no more, do not you may keep in your pocket, but Make good use of it and maybe you will be increased. Bless God because you have more than some, and give thanks, too, he hath given you less than others, because it is not so much what you have to carry on your shoulders, because the more light is your burden, at least gemiréis your journey towards better land. God Bless, then, if you possess less than your peers, and see his goodness both in giving and withholding.

II. In everything we said here, most probably agree with us but when we enter the second point, the gifts Salvador, Grenada number of people disagree, they can not accept our doctrine. When we apply this truth regarding God's sovereignty in the salvation of man, we see who gets up there to defend his fellows, whom they consider damaged by divine predestination. But I never heard of any who rebelled to advocate for Satan, and I think that if some creatures of God have the right to complain about his behavior, these would be the fallen angels. For his sin were cast out of heaven like wildfire, and do not read that they never sent out a message of mercy. Once cast out, their doom was sealed, while the men were given a truce, was sent redemption to his world, and a large number of them were chosen to eternal life. Why can not contend with the sovereignty of both in one case as in another? We affirm that God chose a people from among men, and denied the right to do so. And I ask, why not also discussed the fact that men have chosen not to fallen angels, or justice for such a course? If salvation was a matter of right, the angels would really much as men. Were not located in a higher dignity, or does is more sinned? We think not. The sin of Adam was so deliberate and full that we can not imagine a larger one. If angels were cast out of heaven had been restored, would not have rendered greater service to his Maker than we can ever pay? If we had been permitted to judge in this matter would have freed the angels and not men. Thus, love and admire the divine sovereignty, because while those were in pieces, God raised a number of selected from the human race to let them be among princes by the merits of Jesus Christ our Lord. Observe again the divine sovereignty in the fact that God chose the Israelites and the ...

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